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The 2021 "Be A Bengal nominees" will be recognized for their amazing efforts and commitment to hope, trust, stability and compassion!

Thanks to Lookout Credit Union for their sponsorship of the Be A Bengal program!

Their continued support of this program enhances the mission and vision of Idaho State University!




2021 Be a Bengal of the Year Winners

Our 1st place winners received a beautiful basket of gifts from Lookout Credit Union and ISU. ISU provided a 1 year reserved parking tag for the yearly winners!

HOPE - Virginia Barnett, College of Arts & Letters

TRUST - Lance Blanchard, Public Safety, Idaho Falls

STABILITY - Derek Gerber, Physical Therapy

COMPASSION - Carolin Glendenning-Bowman, University Programs, Idaho Falls

Our 2nd place winners received a $100 gift card from Lookout Credit Union!

HOPE - Ellen Combs, College of Science & Engineering

TRUST -  Steven McMichael, Facilities Services

STABILITY - Mia Benkenstein, Research Outreach & Compliance Mia Benkenstein

COMPASSION - Duane Rawlings, College of Technology

Congratulations to all 2021 nominees and winners!

2021 Nominees - Each month Lookout Credit Union provided 4 - $25 gift cards for a drawing in the categories of hope, trust, stability and compassion! All nominees are announced monthly in ISU Today!


Ellen Combs, College of Science and Engineering (Hope)

Nancy Cheadle, Audiology (Hope)

Robin Wilson, Office of Research (Hope) 

Virginia Barnett, College of Arts and Letters (Hope)

Marianne Cowgill, Idaho Accelerator Center (Stability)

Lance Blanchard, Public Safety (Trust)

Carolin Glendenning-Bowman, Student Services (Hope)



Virginia Barnett, College of Arts and Letters (Hope)

Kathryn Wilson, Facilities (Compassion)

Kelly Thompson, Occupational Therapy (Hope)

Ciara Ward, ITS (Stability)

Chris Richardson, School of Nursing (Compassion)

Aaron Todd, Office of Academic Advising (Hope) 



Rick Fowler, Educational Technology Services (Stability)

Becky Christensen, Pond Student Union (Compassion)

Lori Austill, Instuctional Tech Resource Center (Hope)

Leslie Kerby, Center of Advanced Energy Studies (Trust)

Kristine McCarty, College of Business Graduate Programs (Compassion)

Kristen Barrington, Physcial and Occupational Therapy (Stability)

June Nilsson, Beckley School of Nursing (Hope)

Corey Zink, Office of Academic Advising (Stability)



Carolin Glendenning-Bowman, IF Enrollment Management & Student Services (Compassion)

Destiny Lynch, School of Nursing (Trust)

Ben Bolin, Oboler Library (Stability)

Jody Finnegan, Financial Aid (Stability)

Tabitha LaForce, Instructional Technology Resource Center (Compassion)

Sheldon Harris, College of Education (Compassion)

Corrie Holmes, Communication Sciences & Disorders (Compassion)


Nicole Fishburn, Meridian Administration (Compassion)

April Robinson, Science & Engineering (Stability)

Marla Farnes, Anthropology (Trust)

Ean Harker, Physical & Occuptional Therapy (Hope)

Denise Tambasco, TRIO Access & Opportunity (Stability)


Debbie Lance, Human Resources (Hope)

Amy Bull, CSED (Stability)

Renea Midthun, TRIO Access & Opportunity (Compassion)

Elizabeth Bowers, College of Arts and Letters (Stability)


Catherine Rider, University Advancement (Hope)

Cheryl Larson, Information Technology Systems (Stability)

Luke Christiansen, Disabilities Services (Compassion)

Sandra Hunter, Purchasing Services (Trust)

Stephen McMichael, Facilities (Stability)


Braeden Tolman, Arts & Letters (Stability) 

Lindsay Stevenson, Admissions (Hope) 


Sandra Hunter, Central Receiving (Compassion) 

Danielle Pew, Payroll (Compassion) 

Brenda Jacobsen, Organizational Learning & Performance (Hope) 

Lori Piccolo, ITRC (Stability) 

Nielson Tyler, Custodial (Stability) 

Derek Gerber, Physical Therapy (Stability) 

Mia Benkenstein, Research (Stabililty) 

Stefanie Shadduck, Academic Affairs (Stability) 

Lance Blanchard, Public Safety (Trust) 

Stephen McMichael, Custodial (Trust) 


Laura Blad, Engineering (Hope) 

Ciara Ward, ITS (Hope) 

Brenda Jacobsen, Organizational Learning & Performance (Hope) 

Kim Gration, Nursing (Hope) 

Carey Jennings, Financial Aid (Hope)

Austin Rausch, Custodial (Trust) 

Jen Adams, Pharmacy (Compassion)

Stefanie Shadduck, University Programs- Meridian (Trust)

Sacha Johnson, ITRC (Compassion) 

Braden Tolman, Arts & Letters (Hope) 

Cindy Russell, Student Leadership & Engagement (Hope)


Amy Christensen, TRIO (Trust) 

Kristen Barrington, DPOT (Stability) 

Kristin Whitman, Library (Hope) 

Lisa Baker, Early College Program (Compassion) 

Robert Rieske, Psychology (Stability) 

Virginia Barnett, Arts & Letters (Hope) 

Sheldon Harris, College of Education (Compassion) 


Allison Badger, Library (Stability) 

Duane Rawlings, Business Technology (Compassion) 

Maria Wong, Psychology (Compassion) 

Chesley Barnes, IF University Programs (Compassion) 

Brenda Jacobsen, Organizational Learning & Performace (Stability) 

Virginia Barnett, General Studies (Hope)