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Idaho State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are good that your question has been asked before, perhaps many times. That's where an FAQ list comes in handy. But if your question isn't handled here, you can always call the IT Service Desk; their helpful staff specialize in answering all sorts of questions.

Here's how to get in touch:
208-282-4357 (help)

Why are we upgrading?

What is included in the upgrade?

What is driving the upgrade?

What progress has been made?

What are the next steps?

How will this affect you?

Where can I find instructional materials?

Q&A from Functional Staff

What happens to our data?

Will our existing Banner environment co-exist with the new Banner 9 environment during the transition?

Are all Banner INB & SSB pages being replaced?

Are there new skills needed for staff?

Will this require a restructure of Banner security?

Banner 9 Team Contacts

Banner 9 Project Lead:
Lisa Lewis-Mangum

Banner 9 Project Manager:
Debbie Dobbe

Financial Aid and Scholarships:
Jody Finnegan

Graduate School:
Tracy Collum

Kittanna Taylor

International Programs:
Shawn Bascom

Lisa Leyshon

Human Resources:
Ray Ludwig

Rick Dutson


Laura Mckenzie

Karen Fullmer

Service Desk:
Shawn Sheriff