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Idaho State University

Risk Assessment Survey FAQ

I completed this survey in previous years, why must I do so again?

Internal Audit conducts a university-wide risk assessment every two years. Policies, processes, personnel, external conditions and other factors change on a regular basis and can have a significant impact on risks to the University.

Why do you ask for my opinion about the University and other departments on campus?

The survey is for internal risk assessment purposes both as a self-assessment of your area of responsibility as well as your assessment of other departments and the university as a whole. Both internal and external feedback are important in identifying risks and areas, processes or policies that need improvement.

Why do you ask for my name and title?

Internal Audit uses the risk assessment survey to assess each department and thus must identify the survey respondent.

How are my responses kept confidential?

Survey responses come directly to an Internal Audit SurveyMonkey account (a secure, independent website). Only Internal Audit staff have access to the account and are the only individuals who can view the specific responses.

The Internal Audit Director will discuss risks and the results of the survey, in general terms, with the vice presidents, President Vailas and the SBOE Audit Committee; however, he will not share specific survey responses, nor will he identify the source of risks or concerns.

Do I have to answer all questions?

Please provide as much information as possible. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, please write “don’t know” or “unknown” in the box provided. If you are not comfortable responding to the questions pertaining other departments or the University as a whole, please skip those questions and respond to the remaining questions relevant to your area of responsibility.

What if I am not comfortable filing out the survey online?

If you would like, you can contact Reese Jensen at 282-3182 to set up a face-to-face interview rather than submitting a response to the survey.

Any concerns related to fraud, waste, abuse, conflicts of interest or non-compliance can also be reported anonymously through or at (800) 716-9007, a third-party managed hotline.