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Pre-Professional Program Course Descriptions

CSD 3315 Clinical Processes Pediatric: 3 credits
Assessment and treatment principles, methods, and procedures in Speech-Language Pathology with focus on the pediatric population. PREREQ: CSD 3321 and CSD 3330, or permission of instructor.


CSD 3321 Clinical Phonetics and Phonology: 3 credits
Basic concepts in applied phonetics and phonology, emphasizing applications in communication disorders and differences. Introduction to International Phonetic Alphabet. COREQ: CSD 3321L.


CSD 3321L Clinical Phonetics and Phonology Lab: 1 credit
Required laboratory portion of CSD 3321 for emphasis in pre-speech-language pathology. Not required for Pre-Audiology emphasis. Skill development in use of International Phonetic Alphabet. COREQ: CSD 3321.


CSD 3325 Speech Sound Development and Disorders: 3 credits
Introduction to childhood speech development and disorders. Basic clinical principles and procedures for diagnosis and treatment of disorders of speech sound production. PREREQ: CSD 3321 with a grade of 'C' or better or permission of instructor.


CSD 3330 Language Science and Development: 3 credits
Analysis of the development of systems of communication: phonologic, morphologic, syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, and relevant nonverbal and cognitive development in normal children. Review of current theories and research.


CSD 3335 Language Disorders: 3 credits
Study of children with developmental delays and disorders of language. Includes etiology, characteristics, assessment and intervention principles. Introduction to language diversity. PREREQ: CSD 3330 or permission of instructor.


CSD 3341 Audiometry and Hearing Science: 3 credits
Introduction to basic hearing science, sound measurement, audiometry, tympanometry, hearing disorders, public school screening, and methods of aural rehabilitation. Review of role of audiology in human services.


CSD 4405 Neurological Bases of Communication Disorders: 3 credits
Fundamentals of neuroanatomy and physiology related to speech, language and hearing. Introduction to communication disorders related to neurological damage.


CSD 4417 Interdisciplinary Evaluation Team: 1 credit
Introduction to principles, techniques of interdisciplinary evaluation. Disciplines emphasized: Audiology, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, Special Education, Speech-Language Pathology. Equivalent to DHS 4417, NURS 4417, PSYC 4417, and SOWK 4417. PREREQ: Permission of instructor.


CSD 4420 Clinical Processes Adult: 3 credits
Assessment and treatment principles, methods, and procedures in Speech-Language Pathology with focus on the adult population.  PREREQ: CSD 3315 or permission of the instructor.


CSD 4425 Speech Language Pathology Methods and Application: 3 credits
Application of assessment and treatment principles, methods, and procedures in clinical and language disorders through classroom experiences, observation, and clinical experiences. For CSD majors only. PREREQ: CSD 3315, CSD 3325, CSD 3335, and CSD 4420 or permission of the instructor.


CSD 4435 Speech and Hearing Science: 3 credits
 Introduction to the anatomy and physiology of speech production. Topics include respiratory dynamics, laryngeal functions, articulatory dynamics, hearing mechanism, and the neurophysiology of speech and hearing. COREQ: CSD 4435L.


CSD 4435L Speech and Hearing Science Lab: 1 credit
 Required laboratory portion of CSD 4435. COREQ: CSD 4435


CSD 4445 Aural Rehabilitation: 3 credits
Aural rehabilitation of the hearing impaired. Consideration of amplification, speech reading, auditory training, and other aspects of the process. PREREQ: CSD 3341 or permission of instructor.


CSD 4460 Educational Audiology: 3 credits
Overview of school-based audiology services including working within the public school system and with related professionals, legal issues, and options for providing comprehensive services to children with hearing loss and their families.


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