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Applying to the Doctor of Audiology Graduate Program

Note: The application deadline for admissions is February 1, 2021. 
For this application cycle 2020-2021 we will not be requiring applicants to complete the GRE.
Below are the specific admission requirements, however if you would like to proceed directly to the Application Process, click the button.
Admission Requirements:
For admission to the Doctor of Audiology program, the applicant must:
  • Complete a bachelor's degree from a college or university accredited in the United States or its equivalent from a school in another country. This degree may be in progress during the application process but must be completed prior to beginning AuD courses in the fall semester. Typically, undergraduate degrees in communication sciences, speech pathology, or audiology have the necessary prerequisite coursework for the student to enter the regular Doctor of Audiology degree sequence. The applicant's undergraduate degree can be from any field, however, if the applicant’s degree is in a field other than communication sciences, a one-year pre-professional sequence may be required. If you are unsure or have questions regarding your specific undergraduate degree, please contact our Audiology Admission Coordinator, Dr. Jeff Brockett, at or (208) 282-2556.
  • Possess a 3.0 or higher GPA. The method of calculating an admission GPA is based on the last 60± semester undergraduate credits (90± quarter credits) or coursework taken during the last two years of undergraduate training. Post-Baccalaureate coursework in communication sciences and disorders will be considered in computing GPA.
  • Submit three letters of reference from individuals who can speak to the applicant's academic qualifications to pursue graduate education.
  • Submit a personal statement and introduction video as part of their admission process. At a minimum, the personal statement should be guided by the following questions:
    • What events led you to your current interest in audiology?
    • What professional behaviors do you possess that will help you be successful as an audiologist?
    • What personal characteristics do you possess that will allow you to be successful in graduate school?
    • What do you believe will be your biggest challenge?
    • Describe a personal characteristic that conveys your commitment to learning.
    • Why would you like to attend about Idaho State University?
  • Provide a brief (<2 minutes) video introduction that highlights your professionalism. This introduction should include the following components:
    • What led you to your current interest in audiology?
    • What characteristics do you possess that will help you be successful in graduate school and as an audiologist?
    • What do you like to do in your spare time?

Note: For this application cycle 2020-2021 we will not be requiring applicants to complete the GRE.

*When you have completed your video, upload it to your YouTube account (or other suitable video service), and provide us with a link at the bottom of the written personal essay. Limit your video to less than 2 minutes.
International Students
Applicants whose first language is not English need to meet the following TOEFL requirements for classified admission:
  • Internet -based test (iBT): a total score of 80 with a score of at least 20 on each section (graduate assistants who teach courses must score 23 or above on the Speaking Section) on the iBT; or
  • Computer-based test: a total score of 213 with a score of at least 21 on Section 1 (Listening Comprehension) on the computer test; or
  • Paper-based test: a total score of 550 with a score of at least 55 on Section l (Listening Comprehension) on the paper test or a score of 84 on the MTELP, or a score of 6 on the IELTS. Once admitted, non-native English-speaking students must also receive a passing score on a test of spoken English to participate in clinic.
Program Capacity
Approximately 25 – 30 students are in the program at any time. The number of seats available for each new cohort will vary. On average six students are admitted per year. Classes begin in the fall semester of each year. Meeting entry-level requirements for admission does not guarantee a seat in the program.

Admission Procedures

Note: The deadline for admissions is February 1
The procedures listed below are for applicants who have an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders or similar OR have taken the pre-professional leveling sequence or equivalent. If your undergraduate degree is in an unrelated field, you will need to complete the Pre-Professional Certificate Program or equivalent before applying to graduate school.
Step One:
Applying for admission to the AuD program begins with an application to the ISU Graduate school. The online application includes a $60, non-refundable application fee. In this application process, you will need to provide official copies of your transcripts. Graduate School Online Admissions Application.
Step Two:
Apply to the Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service (CSDCAS). In this application you will submit several pieces of information, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay and introduction video. The CSDCAS application portal is open. CSDCAS Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, phone - (617) 612-2030.  Help/FAQ