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Angela Batchelor
Velma Bolyard
Samantha Briegel
Shelsea Dodd
Jiyoun Lee Lodge
Samantha Momeyer
Sunshine Cobb
Lily Lee
Jessica Spring (with Pinyon Jay Press)
Kerri Cushman (with Pinyon Jay Press)
Virginia Bradley
Tara Wilson
Lisa Barber
Basia Irland
Jill Annie Margaret
Ramon Murillo
Dylan Miner
Consuelo Jiminez Underwood
Mary Laird (with Pinyon Jay Press)
Leslie Rego
Sasha Duerr

Events Archive


C.A.M.P. - Communication, Art, Media, and Persuasion

Summer of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

A first of its kind program in Southeast Idaho, CAMP (Communication, Art, Media, and Persuasion) is a two-day college experience for high school students. Participants will stay in the Rendezvous Complex, ISU's newest living facility which combines classroom, housing, dining, and social spaces, tour and experience the ISU campus, including an outdoor Concert on the Quad and attend workshops of your choice offered by ISU faculty.

These workshops are designed to display the breadth of offerings at ISU, as well as provide students with a chance to experience hands-on, college-level courses. Students have the opportunity to develop 3-D Models (and possibly even have yours printed to take home), work with mixed media and found objects to create a sculpture, produce a television program using Southeast Idaho's most advance television studio, create their own unique handmade books with upcycled materials and develop a website highlighting the experience.