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Optional Courses

In addition to the required courses, the Military Science Program has several optional courses available.

MSL 1104 Ranger Challenge: 1 semester hour

Students are instructed in basic military/survival skills: field expedient bridging, marksmanship, individual weapons familiarization, individual tactical movement, and physical readiness. Culminates in team competitions with other universities. May be repeated for up to 4 credits by Military Science students. This course is open to cadets and civilians and can be taken by students at any level. (Fall Semester Only)

MSL 2290 ROTC Leaders Training Course: 6 semester hours

5-week summer course taken at Fort Knox, KY provides an introduction to military science for students having little or no military experience. Provides experiences in management, teaching, first aid, physical conditioning. Qualifies student for ROTC Advanced Course. PREREQ: Permission of Chair. Students wishing to be int he Advanced Course who do not take two years of the Basic Course and have not gone to Basic Training are required to complete this course. (Summer Semester)

MSL 3380 ROTC Nurse Seminar Training: 3 semester hours

Clinical leadership experience with an Army Nurse Corps preceptor at an Army hospital in the US or overseas after completion of Leader Development and Assessment Course (MSL 3390). PREREQ: MSL 3390 and one clinical nursing course. (Summer Semester)

MSL 4492 Military Science Internship: 6 semester hours

Apply skills learned in MSL program. PREREQ: Permission of Chair. COREQ: Simultaneous membership in ROTC and Army Reserves/National Guard. (Fall and Spring Semester)