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Idaho State University

Bengal Detachment Cadet Leadership


Detachment Commander

Cadet Detachment Commander

  • Responsible for all detachment activities
  • Supervises, provides guidance and direction for the detachment staff officers, company commanders, and detachment CSM in insuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed efficiently
  • Sets the standard and direction of the detachment
  • Builds an effective chain of command and develops a positive command climate
  • Responsible for developing commander’s intent aligned with the intent of the PMS; communicates intent and empowers subordinates to act appropriately to accomplish the mission
  • Insures Cadet compliance with policies and procedures of the program
  • Creates suspense dates to accomplish Detachment missions and enforce standards
  • Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Professor of Military Science
  • Advises the Professor of Military Science concerning all Cadet matters
  • Provides guidance and feedback to event staffs and serves as a liaison between Cadets and cadre as required

CDT Hadlee Anderson

S1 - Administrative Officer

Cadet Detachment Administration Officer (S-1)

  • Principal staff officer for all matters concerning human resources including personnel readiness, personnel services, and headquarters management
  • Provides administrative support for the detachment
  • Prepares and maintains unit strength reports, rosters, and records
  • Receives operational control of any special project committees as directed by the commander
  • Accounts for personnel during all Detachment level activities and events, including PT Tests
  • Maintains land navigation score records


S3 - Operations Officer

Cadet Detachment Training Officer (S-3)

  • Principal staff officer responsible for all matters concerning training, operations, and plans
  • Plans, organizes, and supervises the conduct of all Cadet training
  • Allocates resources to insure the accomplishment of all missions
  • Prepares operations orders and training schedules to facilitate detachment training and operations
  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting detachment training events
  • Plans, organizes, and supervises the execution of detachment awards ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, commissioning ceremonies and social events

CDT Morgan Smith

S4 - Logistics Officer

Cadet Detachment Logistics Officer (S-4)

  • Primary staff officer responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services for the detachment
  • Coordinates for, receives, distributes, and controls supplies and equipment for training
  • Conducts inventories and maintains a continuous working knowledge of on hand supplies and equipment within the detachment
  • Responsible for early coordination with and serves as a link between Cadets and the cadre supply technician
  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting detachment training events


CDT Hadlee Anderson

S6 - Signal Officer

Cadet Detachment Signal Officer (S-6)

  • Responsible for photo/video support for all Detachment events
  • Maintain and update the ISU Army ROTC social media accounts
  • Specifically responsible for the written material, consolidation, and publication of detachment news
  • Serves as a focal point for local advertising of the program
  • Responsible for detachment bulletin boards and photo displays

CDT Dakota Woodyard

CSM - Command Sergeant Major

Cadet Detachment Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

  • Principal advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of Cadets within the detachment
  • Advises the Detachment Commander on planning, coordinating, and supervising activities of the detachment
  • Works as a catalyst in communication to and from Cadets to the Cadet detachment chain of command and staff
  • Conducts Detachment formations; responsible for training and execution of drill and ceremonies at all levels
  • Responsible for the appearance of Cadets, equipment, and facilities
  • Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Senior Military Instructor
  • Responsible for the readiness and implementation of any hip-pocket training
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by the detachment commander

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