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John Dudgeon

*John Dudgeon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director of CAMAS

Office: Graveley 164



B.A., University of Colorado (1990); M.A., University of Washington (1998); Ph.D., University of Hawai'i (2008).

I am an assistant professor of anthropology and Director/research scientist at the Center for Archaeology, Materials and Applied Spectroscopy (CAMAS) at Idaho State University. I consider myself an interdisciplinary bioarchaeologist; since coming to ISU I have partipated as affiliate faculty within ISU’s Program for Environmental Science (2010-2011), the Department of Biological Sciences (2011-2012), and the Molecular Research Core Facility (2010-present). I currently serve as Affiliate Curator of Archaeology at the Idaho Museum of Natural History. In addition to my teaching and mentoring responsibilities, I direct and coordinate research activities in the ISU Ancient DNA Extraction Laboratory (ADEL), and also lead the trace element research group in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Isotopic and Elemental Analysis (ILIEA), a division of CAMAS. I utilize my laboratory affiliations to direct student research and teach advanced methods in bioarchaeology, archaeological chemistry (with a focus on elemental and isotopic biogeochemistry), and microfossil and residue analysis. Please see my Ongoing Research section for a list of the projects I'm actively working on, including those of my current M.S. students.