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Idaho State University

Gross Anatomy Laboratories

The traditional study of human anatomy by dissection takes place in the Gross Anatomy Lab (“Gross” is the German word for large, referring to anatomy that does not need a microscope to be seen).

ISU is committed to providing students with the priceless opportunity to learn anatomy from the best teachers possible – the altruistic individuals who donate their bodies for education.

Two Gross Anatomy Laboratories with 26 dissection stations feature:

  • Twenty-six clamshell dissection tables with downdraft ventilation and
    • Two surgical lights at each station
    • Mounted HD video camera at each station
    • Mac Mini with large HD display at each station

Other laboratory features:

  • Eleven ceiling mounted PTZ cameras
  • Integrated audio system
  • Multiple atlases and online tools
  • High quality skeletons and models
  • Distance learning capable
  • User friendly teaching station
  • Video Wall

The Treasure Valley Anatomy & Physiology Laboratories encourages students to apply to the After School Anatomy Club. Application information becomes available in early July for the Spring Semester.

Gross Anatomy Lab student and professor
Gross Anatomy Lab workstation
Gross Anatomy Lab