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Donor Use Position Statement:

The Treasure Valley Anatomy and Physiology Laboratories, at the Sam and Aline Skaggs Health Science Center of Idaho State University, promotes the use of human body donors in human anatomy and physiology education. The study of donors provides the ideal platform for understanding human anatomical structure and the intricate relationship between structure and function. The opportunity to wonder at the complexity of the human body, to observe structural variations between individuals and the impact of disease, age, and lifestyle on human structure are unique attributes of the study of anatomical donors. The donated body is not just an anatomical specimen; it is the mortal substance of a generous, anonymous person, who intended for their body to be dissected so that others could learn. It is also the result of that person’s loved ones carrying out their wishes after death. The donors and their families generously, and selflessly, chose to gift themselves to health science education. Additionally, all of the body donors in our labs, and their families, understand that their bodies will be used in education or research and have consented to having their bodies utilized to this end. Their gift provides the privilege to explore the intricacies of the human body at a much greater depth and breadth than can be offered through textbooks, models, or through virtual methods alone. It is with reverence and great appreciation that we utilize these donors. Indeed, we consider the opportunity to care for anatomical donors a sacred trust.

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