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Idaho HealthCorps

Are you interested in gaining real-world experience in your chosen field, training opportunities, interest forgiveness, and making lifelong friendships all while earning an education award? The Idaho HealthCorps program is the right place for you! We offer five different contracted positions that allow members to serve their community while earning an education award and a living allowance*. Contact us today to find out how you can help yourself by helping your community!


AmeriCorps member responsibilities

Our AmeriCorps members are placed with non-profit organizations and will be responsible for conducting health education activities and health screenings to improve access to care throughout the state of Idaho. Health education activities include topics surrounding physical health, mental health, dental health, and environmental health.


Position Types

Benefits Per Position TypeFull Time
(1700 Hours)
Three Quarter Time
(1200 Hours)
Half Time
(900 Hours)
Reduced Half Time
(675 Hours)
Quarter Time
(450 Hours)
Living Allowance X X X    
Health Insurance X X* X*    
Childcare Assistance X X* X*    
Member Assistance Program
(mental healthcare benefits)
Training Opportunities X X X X X
Student Loan Forbearance X X X X X
Interest Forgiveness X X X X X
Education Award X X X X X


*if working in a full time capacity.

AmeriCorps members food stamp benefits and public housing benefits are not affected by the AmeriCorps living allowance. For information regarding other public assistance programs please contact Idaho HealthCorps staff.

AmeriCorps members are not entitled to unemployment benefits.


Contact Us 

Jana Bodily-Roan
Project Director

Kayla Fielder
Project Coordinator

Laurie Benchley
Project Coordinator