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Idaho State University

General Education Requirements by Catalog Year

Catalog Year is the official means used to determine graduation requirements, including general education. The academic year a student matriculates into ISU is the default Catalog Year that establishes their academic record. Catalog requirements may change from one catalog year to another.

Be aware a student's catalog year may be changed:

  • at the request of the student who, in consultation with an advisor, determines an advantage for using a later catalog;
  • when a department formally approves a student's curriculum (major) change request;
  • or when a student has an enrollment gap of eight or more semesters (including summers).

Before changing their major, students should consult with a departmental based advisor to review the impact to program and general education requirements for the desired catalog year.

A student's current catalog year is found in BengalWeb:

  • Go to the Academic Tools menu link;
  • find the Registration Tools section;
  • click on My Registration and Schedule Information (My Profile);
  • the current Major and Catalog Term are listed under “Curriculum, Hours & GPA."

To change your major - follow the guidelines noted for Declaring/Changing Major-Minor.


2019-2020 Catalog Year