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Access and Opportunity Programs

The Access and Opportunity Programs provide resources to incoming students as well as enrolled college students. Participants in our programs are ambitioous individuals who hope to use their education to expand their possibilities for the future.

The ultimate goal of the Access and Opportunity Programs is to help and provide resources for participants to reach their full potential. Access and Opportunity Programs consists of 7 different programs. Each program is designed specifically to support every participant's collegiate journey. 

The programs of Idaho State University under the Access and Opportunity Programs includes:


 College Assistance Migrant Program


TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Upward Bound Programs 

TRIO Educational Talent Search Programs 

TRIO Educational Opportunity Center

TRIO McNair Scholars Program


TRIO Veterans Program 

The Access and Opportunity Program wants give you an advantage and continue your higher education! See if you qualify for any of our programs.