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Associate Deans' Council

The Associate Deans’ Council serves to facilitate university-wide collaboration in support of the mission and strategic goals of the University. The Associate Deans’ Council reports to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Members of the council, as chief operating officers of their colleges, aid in implementing academic policies, procedures, and initiatives, and communicating relevant information to department chairs, program directors, and faculty.

Members of Associate Deans Council

John Gribas

Associate Dean for Fine Arts and Humanities, College of Arts and Letters

(208) 282-3204

Michele Brumley

Associate Dean for Social and Behavioral Sciences, College of Arts and Letters

(208) 282-3207

Esther Ntuli

Associate Dean of the College of Education

(208) 282-5311

Tracy Collum

Associate Dean of the Graduate School

(208) 282-2665

Karen Neill

Associate Dean of the School of Nursing

(208) 282-2102

Chris Sanford

Associate Dean of the School of Rehabilitation & Communication Sciences

(208) 282-2196

Jennifer Adams

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Pharmacy

(208) 373-1868

Brooke Buffat

Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Pharmacy

(208) 282-3196

Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar

Associate Dean of the College of Science and Engineering

(208) 282-2902

Darin Jernigan

Interim Associate Dean of the College of Technology

(208) 282-4815

Cindy Hill

Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Initiatives

(208) 282-3662

Chris Owens

Associate Vice President for Health Sciences

(208) 282-2762

Staci Phelan

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

(208) 282-4588

Sandra Shropshire

Dean of the Library

(208) 282-2671