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Program Proposals

Program Proposal and Approval- Instructions and Information and 3-Year Plan

The Program Proposal and review process was created by the State Board of Education (SBOE) and is used to notify the Board and other state institutions of the intention to add new, modify existing, or discontinue degree programs or initiate other changes. Additional instructions and forms are available online.

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees the submission of proposal forms to notify appropriate review committees – Undergraduate Curriculum Council, Research Council, Graduate Council, and Deans' Council – of the proposed changes.  Once the proposal has been approved by one or more of these Councils and Administration, it is forwarded to the Board for approval.

To start the Program Proposal process complete and submit the State Program Proposal Request Form

Please allow a few business days for your customized proposal form to be created.

The customized proposal will be created in Google Docs, linked to the State Proposal Tracking Sheet and shared with the Proposal Originator (PO), UBO, and any co-editors.  Reviewers can post comments and questions during the review process for the PO to address.

The State Proposal Tracking Sheet will be updated as the proposal goes through the review and approval processes.  All internal approvals will be collected in Google Docs on the customized proposal sheet. 

The proposal is then submitted through the Idaho State Board of Education State Proposal System.

If you have questions, please contact Catherine Read in Academic Affairs at or ext. 4956.

Supplemental Information

Program Proposal Process

Guidelines for SBOE Proposals

Guidelines for SBOE Letters of Notification

External Program Proposal Timelines Processes_Final

Three Year Plan

If the proposed program is not listed in the current three-year plan, the justification for requesting approval of the program must be included in the proposal.