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Program Health Process

Packets Due to Academic Affairs by January 15, 2021

  • Faculty and chairs will analyze data in their departments
  • Deans will quintile the college’s programs
  • Deans will then provide their college’s assembled packet that contains the quintile document and the narratives explaining how the college arrived at the scores as well as address other information that influenced the scores

Packets Compiled and Reviewed between January 16 and February 19, 2021

  • Academic Affairs will assemble a master document of the colleges’ quintiled programs and narratives for review by the Faculty Senate, Council of Deans, and the Administrative Council
  • Faculty Senate, Deans Council, and the Administrative Council will review and complete a Program Health Feedback Sheet on the program assessments for use in the action plans

Action Plan Development between February 19 - March 5, 2021 (Action Plans with impacts in future years are not due until May 1, 2021)

Faculty, chairs and deans will develop Program Health Action Plan using a standardized template and the feedback provided by Faculty Senate, Council of Deans, and the Administrative Council. Colleges will submit finalized Action Plans to Academic Affairs. Possible types of action plans include:

  • Improvement plan
  • Consolidation
  • Restructure
  • Investment/reallocation of resources
  • Other innovations
  • New programs
  • Program elimination

Incorporation of Action Plans into Budget by March 5, 2021 for Action Plans that impact the 2022 Budget.  Action Plans with impacts in future years are not due until May 1, 2021

  • Deans will incorporate applicable Action Plan budget impacts into their 2022 budget requests before submitting their budgets to the Budget Office

Completion of Action Plans by May 1, 2021

  •  Colleges will complete all Action Plans and provide them to Academic Affairs for submission

Final Submission to the State Board of Education by June 1, 2021

  • Academic Affairs will include the finalized Action Plans in the comprehensive packet, provide it to the Administrative Council for approval, then submit it to the State Board of Education with an Executive Summary of the process