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Program Health

Idaho State Board of Education Policy V.B.11 requires institutions to incorporate program prioritization into the annual budgeting and program review process, and to provide annual updates to the Board. SBOE Policy III.F outlines the requirements for program prioritization, including criteria, timelines, and reporting requirements.

In 2014, Idaho State University (ISU) transitioned its Program Prioritization Process into a Program Assessment/Program Health Process with the goal of supporting growth and ensuring programs demonstrate the need for new, increased, or reallocated resources.

A committee of representatives from each college, the Faculty Senate co-chairs, staff from Academic Affairs, Institutional Research and the Office of Finance and Business Affairs began the process in 2018 with the following charge:

A Program Health and Sustainability assessment model should be aligned with the institutional mission, while evaluating student demand and providing indicators of quality. It should include measures for efficiency and effectiveness and ensure sufficient resources. Finally, it should be flexible and change as necessary over time.

The Program Health model designed by the committee was approved by the Faculty Senate in April, 2020, and by Leadership Council in June, 2020. The model will be implemented in Fall, 2020, with results available in time for the Spring 2021 budget process.

Phases of the Program Health Model process

Communications from the Provost:

Program Health Process Update from Provost 10.5.2020

Date Changes and Updates 10.13.20

Program Health and Sustainability Timeline and Update 12.1.20