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Activity Insight

How to log in:

  1. To access Activity Insight, log in to Bengal Web.
  2. When BengalWeb home screen appears, you will see several tabs at the top. Click on the “Academics” tab.
  3. Locate the “Institutional Research” channel. In the “Institutional Research” Channel, click the link “Activity Insight.”
  4. Log in using your ISU username and password.

activity insight

Activity Insight Overview

  1. You do not need to fill in every field on each screen, only those that are relevant to your own faculty responsibilities and activities. Any screen, you enter data on, that has a date field, or several date fields, must have a date entered in at least one of those fields.
  2. Be sure to save any changes you make.
  3. The most important screen to be completed, is the “Administrative Data” screen. It is located under the “Faculty Information" subsection.
    • New Faculty: This screen will be created for the Academic Year that a faculty member begins. Some will have the entire screen completed while others will need to complete the rank, tenure, and other fields. All will have the Academic Year, College and Department fields entered. Make sure you confirm all fields, completing those that are blank, or incorrect.
    • Continuing Faculty: At the beginning of every Fall semester continuing faculty need to create a new Administrative Data screen with the current Academic Year. If there are no changes in any of the fields then it is easiest to just copy the previous year's record and edit that copy by changing the Academic Year.
  4. You should begin by investigating each screen on the “Manage Activities” page to gain a better understanding of the types of information and data that can be collected. There you will see the information that has been entered for you, and you should ensure that it is correct.
  5. Activity Insight is made of many different components, all of which share common basic elements (see above).
    • Section A: A personal welcome message, the “Logoff” button and a “Search Tips” field that allows you to search your entire record.
    • Section B: The Left-Hand Menu called Manage Activities.
      • Manage Activities: Enter or manage your own teaching, research, and service activities.
      • Run Reports: Run reports based on templates. These reports are what creates, from your data, your evaluation, or vita, or allows your Department Chair to see all the department’s current publications.
      • Section C: Main content for each utility. This section is grouped into 4 subsections. Similar data is organized under each of the different subsections. Each of the subsections can be collapsed, or expanded for easier readability. All subsections will be displayed, however, each time you log into Activity Insight.
  6. There is a resource available across from the “Manage Activities” menu, towards the top of the screen (see arrow). This resource will help you learn how to use Activity Insight.
    • Review a Guide to Manage your Activities: Click on the “Review a Guide” link and a new Activity Insight window will open. This window gives you a brief description of the primary actions you will need to be able to enter and maintain your information.
  7. After you access Activity Insight, you will see the Digital Measures, “Manage Your Activities” page, similar to the example above.
      • Example: The Publications screen, located under the “Scholarship/Research” subsection, has 5 date fields, the Expected Date of Submission, Date Submitted, Date Accepted, Date Published and the Issue Date (must enter a Date Published if entering an Issue Date). Once you have entered information about a publication you will be unable to leave that screen until at least one of those dates has been entered.
  8.  You can edit most of the information in Activity Insight at any time.
  9. If the information you wish to edit is "read-only" and it is not correct, please send an email to your department chair indicating the specific correction(s) to be made. The majority of this will be in relation to your Scheduled Teaching data. This data is loaded 3-4 times a year from Banner onto the Scheduled Teaching screen in Activity Insight. This is typically done after the 10th day of class in both Fall and Spring Semesters and after grades are recorded at the end of Spring semester. This can result in several mistakes in your Scheduled Teaching records for the most current semester, until the new data is loaded. If you have any questions about this, contact Lorie Chatfield at or (208) 282-3762.
  10. Once you have edited/corrected/added to your information in Activity Insight, you, your chair and dean, and Institutional Research will be able to simply “Run a Report” to access the information needed for the many internal and external reports we are asked to prepare.

We recognize that there will be some work required on your part to correct any misinformation that has been preloaded, and to add information that is missing. However, we believe that Activity Insight will make the end-of-term reports, and annual and periodic (P&T, 5-year review) faculty evaluation reports much easier for you to generate, and the work to make sure you have complete and accurate information included will be worth this initial effort. Activity Insight has several ways of making this work a little faster and easier.

If you have questions about Activity Insight, you can use the "Help" feature which will send an email to Lorie Chatfield. You may also contact your department chair, or Lorie Chatfield of the Office of Institutional Research at (208) 282-3762 or

Office of Academic Affairs

(208) 282-2171

(208) 282-4487

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