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Academic Affairs Coronavirus College and Program Support

For more information about ISU's response efforts to the Coronavirus visit ISU's Official Coronavirus Page

This page is designed to support Academic Affairs' communication between non-academic units and colleges.

Message from the Provost

We live in unprecedented modern times. We have asked the college deans to move all of ISU's face-to-face sections to distance-based learning, effective March 30, 2020. This is a monumental task for our faculty and our campus, but we will work together as a team to meet our objectives.

Spring 2020 Communication

Faculty Support Tools for Online Course Delivery

Instructional Technology Resource Center Information

ISU's ITRC has put together information to support faculty making the transition from face-to-face to distance-based instruction

Guidelines and Options

If you would like additional information you can Schedule an Appointment

ITRC has identified specific staff who will support your college.

The Program for Instructional Effectiveness (PIE)

PIE held a workshop to assist the faculty with their course transition.   Click here to watch the class