Paul Zmolek
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Theatre and Dance

HONS 3391-01 - 1 credit – First 8 Weeks Fall 2011
Tuesday 5:30-7:00 PM, Rendezvous 107
Aug 22-Oct 14, 2011

Films Viewed
Writing Assignments

Course Description - Flickering Images of Heroic Modernism

Commercial and avant garde cinema of first half of the twentieth century will be viewed as critical reactions to the massive social/political/technological upheavals of the era.  Students will respond to the films through class discussion and weekly writing assignments


Method of Presentation and Course Content

Classes will typically consist of lectures about aspects of film and/or modernism, the viewing of selected films, followed by class discussion. Weekly writing assignments relating to the viewed film(s) and subsequent discussion will be assigned.


Regular and active participation. You will be graded upon your participation in class discussions - if you aren't in class you cannot participate. Though you are not graded on attendance, a lack of attendance will negatively impact your grade

Weekly Writings. A 1-2 page typewritten critical response to the film(s) viewed in class as it relates to concepts from lectures and class discussions. I will post the titles of films viewed in class but some will be fairly obscure and difficult to find at the Library on on the Web so, again, I recommend attending class to be able to view the films. I do not accept handwritten nor late papers.

Plagiarism Policy
Students should be aware of ISU’s policies on academic dishonesty:

"PLAGIARISM is defined as representing another person’s words, ideas, data or work as one’s own. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the exact duplication of another’s work and the incorporation of a substantial or essential portion thereof without the appropriate citation. ... The guiding principle is that all work submitted must be properly credited to the original source(s) of the information. In written work, direct quotations, statements which are paraphrased, summarizations of the work of another, and other information which is not considered common knowledge must be cited or acknowledged, usually in the form of a footnote. Quotation marks or a proper form of identification shall be used to indicate direct quotations."

The Policy further states that instructors may penalize students for academic dishonesty by giving a grade reduction on the work in question, giving a failing grade for the course, and giving a failing grade for the course with a notation on the student’s transcript. Additional penalties may be assigned at the university level, including suspension from the university and expulsion from the university.

Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
Our program is committed to all students achieving their potential. If you have a disability or think you have a disability (physical, learning disability, hearing, vision, psychiatric) which may need a reasonable accommodation, please contact the ADA Disabilities & Resource Center located in Graveley Hall, Room 123, 282-3599 as early as possible.

Grading Policy

Class Discussion/Participation


Weekly Writings




A= 220-198
B= 197-175
C= 174-152
D= 151-129
F= 128-0
Films Viewed
Writing Assignments