Paul Zmolek
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Theatre and Dance

Rue for Ophelia
(2014) Tell Me A Story, Pocatello, ID. An original one-act physical theatre work utilizing the monologues for Ophelia and Gertrude from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Double Blind Sided: Kafka's German Process
(2013) Callous Physical Theatre. A “compost modern movement opera” inspired, in part, by Franz Kafka’s The Trial . In post-9/11 security state, through the PATRIOT Act and other concessions, the trials and tribulations of Josef K as imagined by Kafka have gone beyond the realm of metaphoric satire and have become a very real possibility.  "Double Blind Sided" explores Kafka’s memes that continue to resonate in the 21st century. Creating variations upon the motifs from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, composer Robert Fruehwald creates emotionally moving music for poet G.B.Waldschmidt’s witty libretto; a non-linear montage of anachronistic scenes connecting Kafka’s novel, Weimar Germany’s slide into Nazism, the Vietnam War, and current economic and political events.

Zaum Etude #7
(2012) Idaho State University. Zaum is a word used to describe the linguistic experiments in sound symbolism and language creation of Russian Futurist poets such as Velimir Khlebnikov and Aleksei Kruchenykh. (from wikipedia) The ten performers created movement phrases inspired by words associated with "seven". These phrases were then divided into sevenths and manipulated by the seven digit sequence of their phone numbers. The "words" spoken in the performance are created from the first two letters of each performer's name.

The Rule of Life - made for video version
The Rule of Life
- documentary of video production
The Rule of Life - live performance
(2012) Idaho State University. A meditation upon St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi and their Orders of Lesser Brothers and Poor Sisters. The prosperous touris economy of the contemporary medieval city of Assisi was made possible by twice-excommunicated Brother Elias, who masterminded the hijacking of Francis' body to entomb it and sanctify the elaborate Basilica dedicated to the humble Saint. Francis, miraculously marked by the Stigmata, is honored as the most Christ-like of all saints. He and his convert Clare's rigourous asceticism and devote dedication to "Lady Poverty" was too extreme for all but a few members of their Orders. Video direction by Tom Hallaq, co-directed with Joséphine A. Garibaldi.

Cagevent: Sometimes it Works, Sometimes it Doesn't
(2012) Kontaining Performance Festival, Helsinki, Finland. Six 15 minute performance events inspired by John Cage.  With Joséphine A. Garibaldi and Karri Kokko.

Home is Where You Are
(2009) Idaho State University. Text is a revision of a monologue that I wrote for Migrant.  Performers were provided with significant words from the text paired with terms from the Elements of Movement (body, space, time and energy) to create movement source material which was manipulated through aleatoric, ABA and other structures derived from music.  The text was manipulated by the same structures as the movement. 

(2008) Callous Physical Theatre, Tacoma, WA. Inspired by migrant laborers: the hoboes of the Great Depression, undocumented workers of today, the Chinese “Coolies” that, through the “Tacoma Method”, were forced out of town once the railroads were built. Cast of 6 untrained dancers developed texts from journaling assignments, identified “key words” from the text which were paired with specific aspect the Elements of Dance (body, space, time and energy) to create movement. Music is from Harry Partch’s Barstow, a work whose text comes from eight pieces of graffiti Partch had spotted on a highway railing in Barstow, California.
Tacoma - excerpt from Migrant
Text by G.B. Waldschmidt

(2009) Callous Physical Theatre, Big Dance/Little Space, Pocatello, ID. Four solos exploring male gendering.

Grudge Match: ReMatch
(2006) Callous Physical Theatre, Tacoma, WA. 2nd Holiday show. Co-directed with Joséphine A. Garibaldi

Grudge Match
(2005) Callous Physical Theatre, Tacoma, WA.  Christmas show as our antidote to the Nutcracker.  Co-directed with Joséphine A. Garibaldi

In God We Trust
(2000) Luther College A year long collaboration between Art, Music, Economics, Theatre and Dance faculty involving over 150 students which culminated in a performance/installation, video, interactive website, and panel discussion of four guest artists which I served as moderator. A ritual for the new religion described in Harvey Cox’s article The Market as God. Music by John Howell Morrison, co-directed by Joséphine A. Garibaldi.

the world forgetting by the world forgot
(1991) UC Irvine. A mourning ritual of AIDs related deaths, the World forgetting by the World forgot was informed by the structure of the Roman Catholic Mass, research of ancient dances of mourning, Greek Mystery Religions, human sacrifice research and the writings of ACT-UP founder, David Wojnarowicz.