Raz (Dennis) Stowe
Mathematics Department
921 S. 8th Ave.
Stop 8085, Idaho State University
Pocatello ID 83209

Phone:            (208) 282-2401
email:             stowdenn@isu.edu
Office:            321A Physical Sciences Building 

Spring 2015 office hours:  MW 10:00-11:00 and 1:00-2:00 and TuTh 10:45-12:00, in PS 321A 

Spring 2015 classes

Math 2240-2, Linear Algebra
Meets 12:00-12:50 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in PS 304
    Math 2240 homework assignments
    Policy on missing quizzes or exams 
    Quiz 1
    Solutions for Quiz 1  
    Exam 1
    Solutions for Exam 1

Math 3360-1, Differential Equations

Meets 9:00-9:50 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in PS 303
    Math 3360 homework assignments
    Policy on missing quizzes or exams
    Direction fields, general solutions, and inital values
    Quiz 1 and solutions
    Suggestions for the assignment from Section 2.3
    Quiz 2 and solutions
    Quiz 3 and solutions
    Exam 1
    Exam 1 solutions
    Quiz 4 and solutions
    Quiz 5 and solutions
Math 6628, Complex Analysis
Meets 9:30-10:45 Tuesday and Thursday in PS 301
    Math 6628 homework assignments  
    The mean-value property and the Poisson kernel
    Harmonic functins in annuli
    The circle-to-circle property
    Conformal automorphisms of D and hyperbolic density
    Schwarz's reflection principle
    Injective analytic functions in the unit disk
    Runge's approximation theorem
    Natural sums