Raz (Dennis) Stowe
Mathematics Department
921 S. 8th Ave.
Stop 8085, Idaho State University
Pocatello ID 83209

Phone:            (208) 282-2401
email:             stowdenn@isu.edu
Office:            321A Physical Sciences Building 

Fall 2014 office hours:  MW 12:00-2:00 and TuTh 10:45-12:00 in PS 321A 

Fall 2014 classes

Math 2240-2, Linear Algebra
Meets 11:00-1:50 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in PS 306
    Math 2240 homework assignments
    Quiz 1
    Quiz 1 solutions
    Exam 1
    Exam 1 solutions
    Quiz 2
    Quiz 2 solutions  
    Exam 2
    Exam 2 solutions  
    Quiz 3
    Quiz 3 solutions     
    Exam 3
    Exam 3 solutions

Math 3360-1, Differential Equations

Meets 9:00-9:50 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in PS 307
    Math 3360 homework assignments
    Direction fields, general solutions, and initial values
    Quiz 1
    Solutions for Quiz 1
    Exam 1
    Solutions for Exam 1  
    Quiz 2
    Solutions for Quiz 2  
    Exam 2
    Solutions for Exam 2
    Quiz 3
    Solutions for Quiz 3  
    Exam 3
    Solutions for Exam 3  
    Quiz 4
    Solutions for Quiz 4
Math 6627, Complex Analysis
Meets 9:30-10:45 Tuesday and Thursday in PS 301
    Math 6627 homework assignments
    The general Cauchy theorem  
    Riemann's theorem and poles  
    Outline of Math 6627 through October 9  
    Midterm exam  
    Solutions for midterm exam  
    Sequences and series of functions  
    Some integrals
    Final exam

2014 Intermountain and Putnam Mathematics Competitions
The Intermountain Mathematics Competition is an annual competition involving undergraduate
students at eight or nine universities in Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. The Putnam competition
is similar but at the national level. Participation is free. This year, the Intermountain Exam will be
9-12 Saturday, November 8, and the Putnam exam 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:30 (six hours altogether)
Saturday, December 6. Both will be given here at ISU, in rooms to be announced. Please let me
know if you are interested in participating. Anyone who shows up can take the Intermountain Exam,
but there is a registration deadline of October 10 or so for the Putnam.

The exams consist of a few questions (7 for the Intermountain Exam, 6+6 for the Putnam) that
require ingenuity but little knowledge of mathematics beyond calculus. The links below provide
examples from recent years. You might take a look at them to see if you would enjoy participating.
Depending on the problem, you might react "I can probably do that one," "That is a cool question;
I don't see how to answer it but want to work on it," or "I have no idea what to do and little interest
in trying." No one ever gets all the problems.

Students take the exams individually. For the Putnam, each school identifies three students
whose scores give a "team" total for the school, but that is kind of secondary; even the Putnam
is really an individual competition. In recent years, the top ISU participants in the Intermountain
Exam have received small cash prizes (from ISU and BYU, which runs the competition), and
every year the top 25 Putnam competitors nationwide earn cash prizes. I doubt that anyone
thinks much about those things, however; one takes the exam for the challenge and enjoyment.

I would be happy to organize weekly practice sessions this fall if you are interested. Let me know.

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