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Welcome! These links have been oriented on "gateway" kinds of sites, to give entrance to large areas of Russian culture, language, economy and more. To read some of these, you will need a cyrillic font such as KOI-8, which you can get through some of these sites. Altho this page is updated frequently, not all links will be up and working at any one time. If you have a suggestion for a link (URL), send me an email (click down below). Thanks, and good luck!

The Media

Actually listen to the News in Russian from Radio Canada. If you need an audio utility, get one from RealAudio - they tell you how to put it on your system.

Radio Voice of Russia

TASS News Service

Art, economics, news, law, demographics

[*] St. Petersburg, with St. Pete's Press in English

Language, Culture and Literature

Russian Dictionary with sound!

Russian and Soviet History and Culture

The ATSEEL Journal and teachers' organization

[*] Cataloging of Russian Holdings

Travel and General Information

Virtual Tour of Moscow

Many fine Russian Links from Russia on the Web

[*] Kopyc - Ekaterinburg

[*] An Excursion through the Kremlin

[*] (Nearly) Complete Guide to Russia


[*] Business, Russian Servers, etc.

[*] Data Service, Engineering

Education and Government

[*] Russian WWW Servers

The Russian Embassy

Fonts, Miscellaneous, &c.

[*] KOI-8 Fonts, and more

[*] SovInformBureau Goings-On in Russia, Cyrillic Fonts, and more

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