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Here are some pages you may find interesting and useful:

  • Teaching Foreign Languages
  • The ISU German Club
  • The professional journal SELECTA, of which I was editor.
  • The Congressional Award is a spectacular award for young people (age 14-23), which recognizes Initiative, Achievement and Service.
  • The home page of the parachute cavalry unit I commanded, A Troop (Abn/Mech), 3rd Squadron, 8th Cavalry

    Now a little personal background:

    [Image: While an Army officer I did some really interesting things (tanks, cavalry, nuclear weapons employment, satellite communications, electronics warfare, foreign area specialist), and for 11 years I taught in the Foreign Language Department (all levels of undergraduate German, plenty of Linguistics, and a little French) at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point.

    I'm immodestly proud of receiving the Goethe Institute & AATG Certificate of Merit for service to the teaching of German Language and Culture. Then, completely unexpectedly, I received the Federal German Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) from the President of Germany. Click to see a really awesome picture of something else I did in the Army.


    Now I'm a Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages at Idaho State University. I am happy to have received the ISU award for Outstanding Public Service in 1992. ISU designated me a Master Teacher in 1993, and I received the ISU Distinguished Researcher award in 1999.

    At left you can see me at the State University of New York-Buffalo, explaining an obvious fact about German Reunification: in German "Wende" (change) is 80% "Ende" (the end!). The others are all East Germans!

    I'm proud to be a member ("Service above self") of the Rotary Club of Pocatello (Idaho, District 5400). I took the 1998 GSE Team to Venezuela's District 4380 ... what a bunch of *wonderful* Rotarians!

    Hobbies: flying, canoeing, hunting, fishing, amateur radio (now WØWN) and lots of others.

    But apart from family, my real love is German Language, Culture and Literatures. Since I know many of the writers personally, it makes literature much more interesting.

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    Here's a shot of me discussing literature over a cup of coffee with the Austrian author Renate Welsh. Germanists may know her book Johanna (it won at least one international prize), and the actual heroine of the story, Johanna, was there that afternoon, too!

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