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Dr. Mike Morris, Professor Emeritus of Health and Nutrition Sciences, tells the story about a phone call he received from a friend. "Do you believe in free speech?" the caller asked. "Of course," Mike said. "Good," his friend said. "Iíve got one for you to give."

While there are more people at ISU than I who exercise this "right of free speech," Iíve given a fair number over the years. The problem is that thereís seldom time after the speech to engage the audience in a true discussion of the issues that Iíve tried to raise, or people are just too darn polite to disagree.

Therefore, I thought I might use this forum in order to share some of the talks Iíve given to various groups or published in settings that did not allow for a response. My intent is to open a dialogue in order to see what people think about what I said or wrote.

Let the discussion begin! (Please send comments to: Ron Hatzenbuehler )


Changing Interpretations of the Bill of Rights (1991)

Summer Commencement Address (1994)

Romer v. Evans (1996)

The Good, the True, and the Beautiful (1997)

Speech to New Citizens (1998)

Citizenship (2001)



Mormon Migration to Idaho (1989)

Celebrating Thomas Jefferson? (1993)

Ten Commandments (2003)


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