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Communication & Rhetorical Studies
Idaho State University
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  Published Work

Peer Reviwed Journal Articles

Legge, N., DiSanza, J., Gribas, J., & Shiffler, A. (2012). "He sounded like a vile, disgusting pervert...": An analysis of persuasive attacks on Rush Limbaugh during the Sandra Fluke controversy. Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 19, 173-205.

Gribas, J. (2008). Doing teams while being the body: Managing spiritual/secular dialectical tensions of defining the church collective through transcendent metaphor. The Journal of Communication and Religion, 31, 206-244.

Gribas, J., Vik, P., & Christensen, J. (2004). The impact of supervisor influence strategy and relational context on readiness to change for the alcohol abusing employee. Employee Assistance Quarterly, 19(2), 1-17.

Gribas, J., & Downs, C. W. (2002). Metaphoric manifestations of talking “team” with team novices. Communication Studies, 53, 112-128.

Gribas, J. (1999). Organizational sports metaphors: Reconsidering gender bias in the team concept. Communication Research Reports, 16, 55-64.

Gribas, J., Giordano, J., & Sims, J. (1998). Communication consultants as organizational sensemakers: Applying the team metaphor. Pennsylvania Speech Communication Annual, 54, 39-56.

Gribas, J. (1995). Self-directed teams in the classroom: Three strikes and they're out. Communication and Theatre Association of Minnesota Journal, 22, 132-142.

Gribas, J., & Driskill, G. (1995). Choosing team building strategies: Implications of characteristic team dimensions. Ohio Speech Journal, 33, 46-63.

Books / Chapters

Driskill, G., & Gribas, J. (2012). Enacting grace and truth: A communication perspective on interfaith dialogue. In D. Brown (Ed.), Interfaith dialogue in practice: Christian, Muslim, Jew (pp. 11-36). Kansas City, MO: Rockhurst University Press.

Gribas, J., & Sims, J. (2006). Metaphoric illumination and symbolic ambiguity: Applying the team metaphor for perceptual reorientation. In L. R. Frey (Ed.), Facilitating group communication in context: Innovations and applications with natural groups: Vol. 2. Facilitating group task and team communication (pp. 177-201). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Note: The chapter listed above is part of a two-volume edited set chosen to receive the 2007 Distinguished Book Award from the Applied Communication Division of the National Communication Association. It also was honored with the 2007 Ernest Bormann Research Award for Distinguished Scholarly Book from the Group Communication Division of the National Communication Association.

Downs, C. W., & Gribas, J. (1994). Team-review questionnaire profile. In R. B. Rubin, P. Palmgreen, & H. E. Sypher (Eds.), Communication research measures: A sourcebook (pp. 363-366). New York: Guilford Press.

Published Proceedings

DiSanza, J. R., & Gribas, J. (1998). Risk communication: Strategies for developing understanding with non-technical audiences. Proceedings of the Intermountain Conference on the Environment, Pocatello, ID.

Downs, C. W., Adrian, A., Potvin, T., Varona, F., Gribas, J., & Ticehurst, W. (1995). A cross-cultural comparison of relationships between organizational commitment and organizational communication (abstract). Proceedings of the Intercultural and International Communication Association, USA.

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