Performances, Festivals, and Installations

Tell Me a Story works to (re)present archetypal characters found in classical, modern and folk literature, and the long tradition of storytelling that crosses all cultures. Under the curation and direction of Leir-VanSickle, artist submissions will draw upon visual arts, cultural studies, ritual forms, world literature and the performing arts. Tell Me a Story will be interactive allowing the gallery visitors to immerse themselves within the environment.

As a performance installation there will be ongoing activity throughout the month of January with more formal performance events scheduled the last week. The visual art and performance events will complement and enhance each other. Patrons who visit the gallery during January may happen upon the installation, rehearsal, or actual performance and ultimately may end up contributing to part of a performance. For example, an artist may choose to set up a display of journals which patrons are invited to write, telling their own stories; a choreographer may then use this material to inspire a dance work that will be performed the last week of the exhibit.

Tell Me a Story
Transitions Art Gallery
ISU Student Union
Lower Level (across from arcade)
Installation during the month of January
with culminating performances
Thursday - Saturday
January 23-25, 2014
7:30 pm
Contact Julie Leir-VanSickle for more information: