FALL 2012
DANC 2270 - Dance Repertory - 1 credit - TR 4:00-5:20 - RH 103
Office Hours: RH 129 & SPAC 240H and by appointment; (208) 282-6143; garijose@isu.edu
Production Schedule
Rehearse and perform faculty choreographed works. Enrollment must be approved by a theatre/dance faculty member and does not presume casting in a given production. May be repeated for up to 8 credits. COREQ: DANC 1100, DANC 1120, DANC 1130, DANC 2200, DANC 2220, DANC 2230, DANC 3300, DANC 3320, or DANC 3330. F, S           

The purpose of this class is to prepare, learn, and rehearse choreography for DanceWorks: Dance ISU in Concert to be performed in five performances during two weeks of November 2012, Nov. 9, 10, 15, 16, & 17 in the Chick and Diane Bilyeu Theater of Frazier Hall.

The experience of a full production is an invaluable educational experience for the future performer. Full production requires extra commitment and professional preparation and standards.  The demands are unique, as are the rewards of a fine production that reflects high standards and showcases student talent and hard work. Your grade will be based upon prompt rehearsal attendance, rehearsal work ethic, and your professional courtesy to all cast members, choreographers, directors, design and technical team and run crew.

All rehearsals are required and barring catastrophic circumstances or serious illness, tardiness, missed rehearsals or lack of preparation, may result in your being re-cast. Any unexcused absence will affect your grade, re-casting will resulting a failing grade.


  1. Attend all rehearsals on ______TR 4:00 - 5:20___.
  2. Attend the design run, lighting rehearsals prior to the performance, all technical and dress rehearsals and photo calls during the weeks of the performance.
  3. Perform in DanceWorks: Dance ISU in Concert on       Nov. 9, 10, 15, 16, & 17, 2012      .
  4. Sign-in on time for all performer calls during production week.
  5. Take company class every night during production week.
  6. Notify in advance my choreographer, stage manager and director of the dance concert/production of any times I may be late or absent of call or company class.
  7. Available for costume fittings if needed, at scheduled times during the day.
  8. For all rehearsals, be on time, warmed-up, and prepared to dance fully.
  9. Attend every rehearsal.
  10. Work in a professional manner with the choreographer and fellow performers;
  11. Remain fully engaged in the rehearsal process throughout the duration of the development and performance of the piece;
  12. Maintain an open line of communication with the choreographer if problems arise concerning process, interpersonal interactions, or aesthetic differences;
  13. Supply my own make-up and undergarments for repertory experiences. (Please see the costume staff for specific information.)

Additional Requirements:

You should bring a journal, pencil with an eraser to every rehearsal, check your isu email account daily, and the moodle site where the weekly rehearsal schedule is posted.

This faculty will make every effort to be organized and specific. Not “knowing” about a rehearsal change in time or place, will not serve as an excuse for absence or tardiness.

Choreographers’ Commitment

Choreographer will:

  1. Begin and end rehearsals on time;
  2. Notify the performers in a timely manner of additional rehearsals, technical rehearsals and costume fittings;
  3. Communicate to the cast all pertinent information about the performances;
  4. Treat the performers in a respectful and professional manner and maintain open lines of communication.

ADA Access

As per ADA and the Disabilities Resource Center: “Our program is committed to all students achieving their potential. If you have a disability or think you have a disability (physical, learning disability, hearing, vision, psychiatric) which may need a reasonable accommodation, please contact the ADA & Disabilities Resource Center located in Graveley Hall, Room 123, or phone 282-3599 as early as possible.”

Zero Tolerance Policy

Theatre/Dance ISU and the School of Performing Arts has a zero tolerance policy with respect to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, racial and sexual preference discrimination, sexual harassment, self-destructive behaviors (e.g. eating disorders, cutting, etc.) and any other codes of misconduct. Any cast member who demonstrates any of these areas in question will be held accountable and proper actions will be taken which may result in immediate termination from the production.

Failure to comply with the terms outlined above may result in the removal as a cast member at the choreographer’s/director’s and/or director of the concert/production discretion and/or may impact your grade.

A=exceptional work, demonstrating consistently excellent performance in terms of skill, growth, participation, attendance, theoretical and aesthetic understanding.
B= very good to outstanding work most of the time demonstrating a high degree of excellence in performance in terms of skill, growth, participation, attendance, theoretical and aesthetic understanding, particularly as the term progresses.
C=fundamental mastery of skill, steady growth, good participation, appropriate attendance, basic theoretical and aesthetic understanding.
D=performance marred by lapses in attendance, attention, attitude or missing course work.
F=performance interrupted by significant absence or failure to complete expected course work.
Production Schedule