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Post-Graduate, Mass Communication and Media Arts, SIU, Carbondale, 2001-2002
M.F.A., Dance, UC, Irvine, 1997
M.A., Creative Arts, Interdisciplinary, CSU, San Francisco, 1990
B.A., Dance, CSU, Long Beach, 1985

Fulbright Scholar, Latvian Academy of Culture/Department of Contemporary Dance, Riga, Latvia, Feb.-July 2014
Cultural Events Committee, Idaho State University, May 2013
Humanities & Social Science Research Committee, Idaho State University, November 2012
College of Arts and Letters, Idaho State University, 2012/13
Idaho Commission on the Arts, Quick Funds 2012
Arteles, Artist in Residence, Helsinki, Finland May 2012
Special Projects Funds, College of Arts and Letters, Idaho State University, 2011/12
College of Arts and Letters, Idaho State University, 2011/12
Cultural Affairs Council, Idaho State University 2011/12
Idaho Commission on the Arts, Quick Funds 2011
Cultural Affairs Council 2011
Arte Studio Ginestrelle Artist in Residence, Assisi, Italy May 2011
ACDFA, Second Alternate, National Gala Concert, Kennedy Center, Washington D.C., 2010
Idaho Commission on the Arts, Quick Funds 2010
Cultural Affairs Council 2010
Pocatello Arts Commission, Project Grant 2010
Tacoma Arts Commission 2009 Tacoma Arts Project
Pierce County Arts Commission 2009 Arts Project
Washington State Arts Commission 2009 Project Support
Tacoma Arts Commission 2007-2008 Tacoma Artist Intiative Project
Tacoma Arts Commission 2007 Tacoma Arts Project
Pierce County Arts Commission 2006 Margaret K. Williams Award for Excellence in the Arts
Tacoma Arts Commission 2006 AMOCAT Award for Community Arts Outreach
Washington State Arts Commission 2006 Project Support
Tacoma Arts Commission 2006 Tacoma Arts Project
Iowa College Foundation, Faculty Development and Enrichment Program
Lecture in Fine Arts Grant
Luther College  1999
Humanities Research Grant University of California, Irvine, 1995
California Arts Council, Organizational Development Program 1991
Zellerbach Family Fund, Performance & Choreographic Support San Francisco, CA 1990


Masquerade Choreographer/Costumer 
Oct. 31, Nov. 1- 4, 2013 Bistline Theater, ISU
Double Blind Sided: Kafka's German Process - A Contemporary Movement Opera Director/Choreographer/Producer/Costumer 
May 22-25, 2013 World Premiere, Rogers Black Box Theater, ISU

Suits  Choreographer
Bilyeu Theater, ISU
November 8-17, 2012
The Rule of Life - A Dance Video Work Director/Choreographer
Dec. 11, 2012 - U.S. Premiere, Bengal Movie Theater, ISU
Dec. 1-9, 2012 - World Premiere, Gallerie de Logge, Assisi, IT
Cagevent: Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn’t  Co-Creator, Co-Director, Performer
May 29, 2012 – Ptarmigan Kontaining Festival, Helsinki, Finland
Birch Loops Co-Creator, Sculptor
May 23, 2012 Opening – Ongoing environmental installation
Arteles Creative Center, Hameenkyrö, Finland
“Shafts of light shift through entangled forms and trees in the forest like a dancing entity.  The magic of Spring with the forest’s new leaves and flowers budding are provided new meaning through the installation Birch Loops.” - Veera Kangaspunta, Hämeenkyrön
International Artist Forum Presenter
May 5, 2012 - Arteles Creative Center, Hameenkyrö, Finland
May 24, 2012 – TR1 Art Gallery, Tampere, Finland

The Rule of Life
 Co-Director, Choreographer, Sound
“The direction was phenomenal. ...Each element [was] thoroughly conceived and actualized. ...The choreography was detailed. Nuanced. Specific. And governed by dynamic phrasing. … It was like you (the performers) were living it and experiencing it and I was just there for the ride.” – Nicole Bradley Browning, U of Montana
Altars and Appartengono (A Sense of Belonging) Director, Choreographer, Videographer, Photographer
June 6, 2011 - Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Assisi, IT
Oct. 3-15, 2011 - Gallerie de Logge, Assisi, IT
Forbidden Fruit Choreographer
“It is important to mention the unique sound score that Garibaldi has selected for this piece, as it becomes a driving force in the work. Usually a choreographic work set to many different pieces of music can seem fragmented or more like a suite of dances instead of one long piece; however, in Forbidden Fruit, the music continues to propel the piece forward as the songs bring the audience back to a time when women were seen as sexy and beautiful without being overly vulgar. …There is a moment in the piece  during which a barefooted soloist exquisitely performs a sensual movement phrase involving many long, deep, lunges, beautifully articulate back undulations and extreme arches, and numerous high leg extensions: moves often associated with a gorgeous dancer. While this woman is practically killing herself to perform this fierce choreography, the other dancers are crisscrossing the stage wearing their high heels, completely ignoring the soloist that constantly intersects their pathway and unaware of this rare beauty right in front of them. This audience member was enthralled by the performance of the soloist and envious of her abilities.”
- Caine Keenan, Principal Dancer of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
Solitary Dancer Choreographer
Ogoun Bagadaris Choreographer
Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly Choreographer

Choreographer, Costumer
(2nd Alternate, NW Region, ACDFA National Gala, Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.)
“The way she thrust her weight into space was tremendous. The risks she took in standing on this one leg after twirling with so much force off balance forever; this woman was taking risks. I heard every single word, I saw every single movement. I understood the momentum of it; I love how she thrust into the space. Did I understand her meaning? Not completely, but I was so intrigued. So intrigued. Is she going to throw herself in front of the train? Or was she pushing on towards Life? It was like the intersection of Life and Death. That sometimes there are particular times in your life where you have to make huge decisions, it feels like that.”- Ze’eva Cohen, Professor, Princeton University

“The text and the movement was completely woven and integrated and the text was presented in a way that was rhythmic and really created an ebb and flow of her journey and I thought that was really powerful, so congratulations to the choreographer and the dancer for being able to do this really well. The landscape was very rich, very textured and the journey, again, was very fluid. I also appreciated the fact that the text really spoke to some very, for lack of a better way to say it, heavy things but the piece didn’t feel necessarily heavy and overbearing and end of the world. And so there is something in that, for lack of a better word, that’s clever, or practive of how you bring in content that is strong and not have it overpower everything but be able to make the statement and flow in and out of it. That was something also that I really appreciated about the work. I thought it was lovely.”– Helanius Wilkins, Artistic Director, Edgeworks
ACDFA Northwest Regional, presented Master classes in Physical Theatre, Modern
Big Dance/Little Space, Pocatello, ID Producer/Artistic Director
Shaking the Yoke Callous Physical Theatre Choreographer, Costumer
Landscaping for Privacy, Idaho State University, Choreographer
“…an evening length piece of movement, drama, and music was never dull from beginning to end.  Each episode painted a picture both bleak and hopeful; haunting, poignant, and lasting…artfully does the work of revealing anew the ethos of our society”. - Paul C. Ocampo, Associate Professor of Dance, Southern Utah University

SiteWorks 2009
Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA,Producer/Director
At the Threshold Director, Choreographer, Sound Score
At the Threshold features a provocative, thought out, powerful and nicely constructed audio score. The tension created by the prison sounding doors and the frenzied whispering not only created a textural impression but a qualitative experience for the viewer sitting in the dark […]. The opening sequence uses the stage space as if it were a black lake between the audience and the dancer balanced in the threshold. The opening solo drew me into this in-between world, a threshold net of trapped dreams and thoughts unable to move forward or backward just stuck in a vertical world, balanced and wedged into the situation, trying to function, trying to step forward […] I was moved by this work. Philosophically I was left thinking about opportunity knocking. Braving the fear and the choice of walking though a door into the unknown. What is beyond? What gets left behind? What happens next? And as the score says ‘When a door closes, what do you do?’”– Elizabeth Miklavcic, Artistic Director, Another Language Performance Company

On the Backs of Our Mothers Callous Physical Theatre. Director, Choreographer, Performer, Writer.
“[A]  powerful tapestry of memory and women’s stories from seven female Barefoot dancers. On the Backs of Our Mothers links each dancer’s train-related memory or emotion in a series of solos backed by ensemble choreography. Each story includes verbal poetry or narrative, journalled and choreographed by the dancer herself. Josephine Zmolek, the overall director, was a joy to watch as she told her central story (her grandfather, killed by a train while her grandmother was pregnant with her mother) passionately and directly, her gestures a mixture of sensuous and curt, detailing everything from a feisty grandmother to a wild three-year-old.”- Rosemary Ponnekanti, Tacoma News Tribune.
Train Site-specific interdisciplinary performances throughout Tacoma during the Month of May 2008. Producer, Director.
The Big Freeze Northwest Playwrights Alliance 2008 Double Shot Theatre Festival, Tacoma, WA

 Doubleshot 24 hour Play Festival, Northwest Playwrights Alliance
“[Your direction] was brilliant. An inspirational blend of text and movement.” - Bryan Willis, President, NWPA

Barefoot Studios, Tacoma, WA
Grudge Match:ReMatch by Callous Physical Theatre, Producer/Director/Choreographer/Costumer
“...deserves to become a holiday classic for its beautiful dances, brilliant monologues and complex portrayal of human emotion.” - Todd Barker Johnson, Tacoma Weekly
10x10 Performance Workshops, Producer
SpringWorks by Callous Physical Theatre, Producer/Director/Choreographer/Costumer
Blister Youth Ensemble lecture demonstrations, Director
Fish on a Stick, Group Show, Gallery Curator
SiteWorks photography, Group Show, Gallery Curator
Masks of Thespis, Group Show, Gallery Curator

International Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA
SiteWorks Festival of Dance on the outdoor plazas of MOG, Producer/Director
Something’s Fishy   Choreographer/Costumer
Water’s Edge Choreographer/Costumer

Tacoma Art Museum
Breezeway by Callous Physical Theatre, Choreographer/Costumer

School of the Arts, Tacoma, WA
Breezeway by Callous Physical Theatre, Choreographer/Costumer

Barefoot Studios, Tacoma, WA
Grudge Match by Callous Physical Theatre, Producer/Director/Choreographer/Costumer
“... taking you through a whirl of emotions on the way to a harmonious place.  With song, dance, spoken words and a game of musical is an intense 50 minutes.” Diane de la Paz, Weekly Volcano
10x10 Performance Workshops, Producer
Subcutaneous by Callous Physical Theatre, Producer/Director/Choreographer/Costumer
“To the percussive, sometimes primordial, sounds...dancers staggered across the stage, melted to the floor, rolled, fell, writhed and pushed themselves like they were determined to move despite subtle, invisible odds against them...acrobatic studies of balance, intimacy and encouragement.” Jen Graves, The Tacoma News Tribune
Blister Youth Ensemble, Director
Lucky 13, paintings by David N. Goldberg, Gallery Curator
Skin, installation by Ingrid Lahti and Harriet Sanderson, Gallery Curator
Reciprocal Textures/Saturated Luminance, fiber arts, Curator, Artist

Southeast Missouri State University
Anticipatory Illumination, Choreographer/Costumer
Treading Waters, Choreographer/Costumer
Not Yet Become, Costumer

Southeast Missouri State University
SiteWorks, Co-Artistic Director
Sphere of Influence, Choreographer
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mask/Headdress design/construction
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Choreographer

International Conference in the Arts and Humanities, University of Hawaii, Waikiki, HI
"Metropolis: A Vision of Body, Power, and Myth", Author
"Sing the Body Electric: Dance and Technology", Author
"Dance as Ecstatic Ritual/Theatre", Secondary Author

Southeast Missouri State University
Zaum: Beyond Significance, Director/Choreographer
“We hear the labored breath of dancers, and the sometimes irregular and violent impact of dancers’ bodies with the stage, with themselves, and with one another. This somatic presence is not veiled by choreography that would distract us from the work of the dancers. Instead, the choreography throws into stark relief the actuality of that work.” Cathy B. Glenn, SIUC
Landscaping for Privacy, Choreographer
“Sometimes theater provides an experience where you hold your breath because you don't want the spell to be broken by some misstep or even a cough. Audiences may find themselves breathless for most of the 33 minutes of "Landscaping for Privacy,"... as intellectually engaging as it is physically enthralling, a dance theater piece that manages to be both sublime and confrontational in posing questions about American society.” Sam Blackwell, The Southeast Missourian

American College Dance Festival, Iowa, Guest artist

American College Dance Festival, Missouri, Guest artist

Luther College
In God We Trust, Co-Director/Choreographer

Southeast Missouri State University
home is where you are, Choreography
Maculelê, Choreography, music, performance

American College Dance Festival, Michigan, Guest artist

Luther College, Iowa
Little Shop of Horrors, Co-director/choreographer
Mestre Nô Residency, Producer
Full Tilt: A Dance Concert, Artistic Director
Heyday of the Blood, Choreographer, Costumer
Puxada de Rede & Maculelê, Choreographer
reconstruct Crow to Pluck, Choreographer

American College Dance Festival, Illinois, Guest artist

Luther College
The Mysteries/What's So Funny, Co-Direction/Choreography

Alma College
Big Boots, Choreography, costume design
Grasp the Shadow for the Substance, Choreography, costume design

Omulu Capoeira Sul, Producer, artistic director, performance

Omulu Capoeira Sul
, Producer, artistic director, performance

El Camino Community College
Tabula Rasa, Choreographer

UC Irvine, California
World forgetting by the world forgot, Costume, set, voice

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
International Day of Dance,
Choreography, music

UC Irvine
Mystical Bedlam, Script, choreography, costumes
Treading Waters, Choreography, costumes, set, props
O Balanço do Mar,  Costumes, voice, set
12-Tone Body Parts, Videography
Pregnancy and the Dancer +35, Documentary videography

Loyola Marymount University
Give a Loose to Mirth, Choreography, costumes

Angel’s Gate Cultural Center
Omulu Capoeira Group Workshop and Video, Performance, voice
Entrega de Corda, Producer, artistic director, performance
Omulu Capoeira Sul, Artistic director, performer

Pomona College Lecture/Demonstration, Artistic director, performer
Cabrillo School Lecture/Demonstration, Artistic director, performer

UC Irvine
In Durance Vile, Choreography, music, performance 
Confine, Choreography, performance, slides

CSU Long Beach
CDEA Statewide Conference, Presenter

Stern Grove Summer Festival, San Francisco
Omulu Capoeira Group, Choreography, direction, costumes

CSU Summer Arts, Eureka, CA
Omulu Capoeira Group, Choreography, direction, performer

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Dancing Thunder, Choreography, direction,  performer

CSU Dominguez Hills, CA
Tape Worm, Choreography, music, performance

Alexander Hamilton, Carson, CA
Batizado Omulu Sul, Artistic director, performer

Mission Dolores, San Francisco
Batizado Omulu Capoeira Group, Performer

Rio de Janeiro, Brazilia, Recife, Bahia - Brazil
Omulu Group Brazilian Tour, Choreography, direction, performer

Palace of the Fine Arts
, San Francisco
Omulu Capoeira Group, Choreography, direction, performer

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival
Omulu Capoeira Group, Choreography, costumes performer

CSU Summer Arts
Omulu Capoeira Group, Choreography,  costumes performer

El Camino Community College, Torrance, California
Sisters, Choreography, costumes

CSU Dominguez Hills, CA
A Crow to Pluck, Choreography, costumes, music, montage
Maculelê, Choreography, music, performance

Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley, CA
International Taiko Festival, Choreography, costumes performer

Omulu Group California Tour (over 35 performances), Choreography, direction, performance,

Footwork/Dancer’s Group, San Francisco
And All the Gods Laughed, Choreography, direction, performance

Fort Mason Center for the Arts, San Francisco
A Journey Through Dance, Choreography, direction, performance

San Francisco
In Spite of One’s Teeth, Giant Refreshed, Choreography, set, performance
Just a White Boy from Iowa, Thick Dance Theatre, Performance, costume

Omulu Group California Tour (over 20 performances), Choreography, direction, performance

Omulu Group (over 20 local and regional performances), Choreography, direction, performance.

Theatre Artaud, San Francisco
Knock Knock, Choreographer

Fort Mason Theater, San Francisco
Tanz Danz, Performer

Omulu Group (over 30 local and regional performances), Choreography, direction, performance

McKenna Theater, San Francisco
Giant Refreshed, Artistic Director/Choreographer
Without Lying Even By Omission, Choreographer/Performer

Third Wave House, San Francisco
Chit in the Game, Performer

Omulu Group (over 20 local and regional performances), Choreography, direction, performance

Distinguished Artists Forum
, San Francisco State University
Nautilus, Choreographer/costumer

Marin Headlands
Dance Video Project, Performer

3220 Gallery, San Francisco
Exposition, Curator/Video Installation