Independent Study in Idaho Math 253


Like any software package, it will take a while to become comfortable with MINITAB.  The package comes with help and tutorials built in.  Meet MINITAB is a detailed introduction provided by the makers of MINITAB.  The package is so powerful that this introduction may be more than you need.  For that reason, I have also included links to simplified documents produced for ISU's "WILDEST" program.  In this program we prepare High School teachers to deliver college level Statistics.  The "WILDEST" manual refers to problems in their text...which is different from ours.  Still I think you'll find these alot of help.

Wildest manual

Summary pages


Your topic problems include some data.  You may enter that data directly into MINITAB, or cut and paste from below.

Hot and Cold rubberband data

Bandfly regression data


Being able to organize, analyze, and communicate results  are skills that you need to carry out of this class.  The Topic problems will help develop those skills. You should put quite a bit of effort into them and the resulting report needs to be clear and coherent.  In a face to face class it would be easy to convey my expectations to you.....on the web it is more difficult.  To help overcome this problem I have produced a sample Topic problem and sample writeup.  Your writeups of Topic problems 1-3 do not need to look like my write up, but should show the same level of detail.