Department of Biological Sciences

Meet My Family

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive family.

My husband, Steffen M. Bunde

Captain Bunde in the field and newly decorated Major Bunde with myself
Captain Bunde Major Bunde

My son, Konrad N. Bunde

Konrad 1 Konrad 2
Konrad 3 Konrad 4
Konrad 5 Konrad 6


My son, Warren E., Bunde

Warren 1 Warren 2
Warren 3 Warren 4
Warren 5 Warren 6
Warren 7


The Pets (a.k.a. The Domesticated Zoo)

Steffen's Siamese Cat
Steffen's cat
The Bunde Labs
Bunde Labs 1 Bunde Labs 2
Warren's Black Manx
Warren's Cat


Family Photos

Family 1 Family 2
Family 3
Family 4


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