Women Studies

Overview of WS Program

"It is startling to realize that in the early 1960s married women could not borrow money in their own names, professional and graduate programs regularly imposed quotas of 5-10 per cent or even less on the numbers of women they would admit, union contracts frequently had separate seniority lists for women and men, and sexual harassment did not exist as a legal concept."
         Sara Evans, Tidal Wave: How Women Changed America at Century's End (2003) HER

Today, attitudes have changed, allowing women more opportunities to pursue the rigorous kind of education men have always pursued. More important, women (and men) have the option of learning more about themselves and their experiences across time from a woman’s point of view.

Mission Statement

The Women Studies Program supports ISU’s mission to create “an effective and efficient learning environment that serves students of various ages, abilities, needs and backgrounds” through an 18 credit interdisciplinary minor which draws courses from Women’s Studies, Anthropology, Communication, English, History, Health Education, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Grounded in contemporary scholarship, gender courses provide students with innovative perspectives from which to analyze and assess familiar subjects. Critical and analytical skills are developed and honed as students identify and contextualize profound connections between gender and history, assigned role and statuses, and access to social, economic, and political power. The Women Studies minor enhances intellectual growth, complements the major degree programs, provides internship opportunities, and develops a wide range of skills applicable in a variety of post-graduation settings. The Women Studies Program accomodates students’ scheduling needs by periodically offering evening courses and distance learning courses televised to Blackfoot, Soda Springs, Idaho Falls, and Twin Falls.

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