Women Studies

Coming Events


June 19-21: Dr. Erika Kuhlman presented a paper titled, "History, Fiction, and Memories of the Great War" at the North America, Europe and the Cultural Memory of the First World War International Symposium in
Graz, Austria. This paper is about German WWI veterans who immigrated to the United States after the war. The conference overall explores the cultural ties created by the war between Europe and North America.

August 1-4: Dr. Kuhlman will present a paper titled, "The Long Reach of Violence after the Long War: German Great War Soldiers Relocating to the United States, 1921-1932" at the Perspectives on the Great War Conference in London UK.


This September, Dr. Erika Kuhlman will be the first guest speaker of the season at Duke-UNC lectures titled "Gender, War, and Culture Series". Dr. Kuhlman's talk is titled, "Transnational Cultures of Mourning: War Widows and Fallen Soliders in World War I".


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