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Dr. Erika Kuhlman joined the faculty at Idaho State University in August 2003. She teaches courses in Women's History, U.S. Industrialization and Reform, U.S. and the World, and survey courses in U.S. History. She has researched and written on post-World War I reconciliation between the U.S. and Germany, emphasizing women's efforts at peace-making. A recent article written by Kuhlman, "We Women Can Build a Bridge: Gender, Women Trans-nationals, and Reconciliation in the Aftermath of the Great War," appeared as a chapter in The Women's Movement in Wartime: International Perspectives 1914-1919 (London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan) in 2007.

Joining Women Studies

Erika agreed to accept the position of Co-director of Women Studies in 2007 when sitting Co-director, Laura Woodworth-Ney was tapped as Chair of the History department. She was promoted to Director in the Spring of 2008. Because her teaching and research is largely concerned with women's roles in history, she is the perfect person for the Women's Studies Program. Erika's courses provide a broad overview of women’s experiences in history, from pre-history to the present, with focus on the modern world. She explores women’s changing roles in societies and the basic literature on women’s historiography. She deals with questions such as: has women’s status generally improved or deteriorated over time? What strategies has the women’s rights movement deployed to improve women’s status in societies? What role has religion played in women’s lives? Have women had a common experience, despite differences of place, time, class, and race?

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