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ISU Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides full spectrum medical care to students. Fracture care, lacerations, urinary infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, contraception, and depression are a few examples of the broad range of conditions cared for at Student Health. In addition, the student pharmacy provides an excellent source for low cost medications.

Full time students (12 credits or more) may see a care provider at no charge. Part-time students and spoused of students may see a care provider at reduced rates compared to off-campus sources.

A valid Bengal ID card is required at each visit. Students who enroll spring semester but not the Summer Session may use the Student Health Center during the summer for a one-time clinic fee when pre-registered for fall semester. Ask about our extended-care policy.

Students are not required to purchase ASISU Student Insurance in order to obtain services at the Student Health Center. However, full-time enrollment at ISU requires that students be covered by some form of health insurance.

Services offered: X-ray, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Minor surgery, fracture care, Women's Health Clinic, Men's Health Clinic, some immunizations (Tetanus, Hepatitis A/B, Influenza).

Hours: MWF 0800-1630, TTh 0900-1630--Fall and Spring Semester
MWF 0800-1530, TTh 0900-1530--Summer Session

ISU ADA Center

What is the purpose of the Center?
The ADA & Disabilities Resource Center works to ensure that students with disabilities have equal opportunity to pursue a higher education.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 provide the laws under which the Center functions.

The ADA Center strives to provide qualified individuals with equal access to educational, recreational and social activities at ISU. We refer students, faculty and staff to appropriate on and off campus agencies and organizations to supplement Center services.

Who may access the ADA Center?
ISU students, faculty and staff who have a disability, have a record of a disability, or are perceived as having a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities, may apply for services at the Center.

Persons who are blind, deaf, have mobility impairments or diseases such as diabetes, asthma or cystic fibrosis may receive services. Accommodations are also provided for individuals with learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and psychological disabilities, among others. Information regarding the nature of an individual's disability is held in strict confidence.

What are the individual's responsibilities?
The ADA Center encourages each individual to strive for maximum independence in the pursuit of personal, academic, and vocational goals. In order to be considered for services, one must:

  • Self-identify to the ADA Center.
  • Provide current, valid documentation of disability by a licensed physician or psychologist, together with test results.
  • Schedule an appointment with the ADA Center to discuss accommodations. Once accommodations are discussed and identified, the individual agrees to:
    • Personally deliver a memo generated by the ADA Center to instructors or employer and discuss special needs with them.
    • Work with instructors or employer to implement accommodations.
    • Maintain contact with the ADA Center and follow policies and procedures with regard to renewing Letters of Accommodation, scheduling exams, checking email for policy changes, etc.

What kind of documentation is required?

Current documentation from a qualified medical or psychological professional is required in most cases. Documentation should be in the form of medical records &/or psychological test reports, and include diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended accommodations. Notes on Prescription pads are not acceptable.

What types of accommodations are typically provided?

Some common accommodations include:

  • Assistive technology
  • Enlarged type
  • FM systems
  • In-class note-takers
  • Nonstandard test-taking accommodations
  • Permission to tape record lectures
  • Priority registration
  • Scribes
  • Special seating arrangements
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Structural barrier removal
  • Readers for exams
  • Textbooks in alternative formats
  • Transcribers

When is the best time to apply for services?

To maximize the effectiveness of accommodations, we urge individuals to apply for ADA Center services 6-8 weeks prior to needing them. Some accommodations take 4-6 weeks to put in place.

Qualified individuals are encouraged to contact the Center prior to or upon enrollment at ISU. It is our responsibility to make every effort to accommodate your needs. If you encounter structural or attitudinal challenges, please contact the Center.

ISU Counseling & Testing Center

The Veterans Sanctuary works with mental health clinics and offices in the Greater Pocatello area to ensure that our student veterans have access to the services that best meet their needs. Some of our partners include:

  • ISU Counseling & Testing Service: The counseling staff of the University Counseling & Testing Service are available free of charge to assist students who are encountering personal, social and emotional difficulties while enrolled in at least one credit at Idaho State University.

    If interested in counseling, students can stop by the University Counseling & Testing Service at Graveley Hall South, room 351, to fill out initial paperwork and make appointment for an assessment, given our availability. We also have a second location at the ISU Idaho Falls Campus on Science Center Drive in the Bennion Student Union Building, room 223.

    During times of high demand for counseling services and limited availability of staff, students who are not currently at high risk will be placed on a wait list and contacted as soon as there is an opening. Students placed on the wait list will also be provided with referrals for other low cost/no cost counseling services in the community.

    During the assessment, students and their assessment counselor discuss the student's needs and concerns and decide upon an appropriate plan which might include individual, couples and/or group therapy. When a student's needs are different from the services provided at our office, the counselor will assist the student with a referral. For more information about services on the Pocatello campus, or to schedule an appointment, call (208) 282-2130. Visit the Counseling and Testing website at http:/ / For more information about services in Idaho Falls, call 208-282- 7750 (fax: 208 282-7755) or click on their website: ctcif.

  • Pocatello Vet Center: The Pocatello Vet Center, a VA affiliated clinic located at 1800 Garrett Way in Pocatello, provides free readjustment counseling services to veterans. There are two licensed counselors and a clinical psychologist on staff. Services include group and individual therapy. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call (208) 232-0316.
  • VA Community Based Outpatient Clinics:
    Pocatello CBOC
    444 Hospital Way, Suite 801
    Pocatello, Idaho 83201
    (208) 232-6214
    Idaho Falls Outreach Clinic
    Eagle Pines Plaza
    3544 East 17th Street, Suite 104
    Ammon, ID 83406
    (208) 522-2922
  • ISU Psychology Clinic: The clinical services provided primarily reflect the specialty areas of the faculty members of the Psychology Department at ISU. Currently, the Psychology Clinic offers services for:

    • emotional disorders of adults, adolescents, and children (e.g., depression, anxiety, and anger)
    • behavior problems of children and pre-adolescents
    • children with difficulty attending school or experiencing distress while at school
    • children showing reluctance or unwillingness to speak
    • women with symptoms of depression during pregnancy and the postpartum
    • couples/family therapy
    • trauma treatment
    • memory and cognitive assessments
    • psycho-educational evaluations

Clinic Hours

The clinic is open year-round but has more limited availability of services in the summer. Hours are generally restricted to the workday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the academic year and 9 a.m. to 5:30 pm in the summer. Some services may have a waiting list, although clients can usually obtain services within one month. Individuals who cannot be served or cannot wait are referred to appropriate community services.

Visit the ISU Psychology Clinic website at psychologyclinic.shtml#clinical. For further information, or an appointment, call (208) 282- 2129.

ISU Career Center

The ISU Career Center is a comprehensive office serving both the career development and employment needs of our students and alumni. Their goal is to assist in developing partnerships between students, alumni, and faculty designed to enhance the career development of our students.

Supporting Academic Progress

The Student Success Center offers a range of programs designed to support student education and faculty instruction across Idaho State University.

For students, we offer

* free individual and small-group tutoring in math, writing, and content area courses ranging from anthropology to zoology.

* classes, workshops, and individual tutoring for non-native speakers of English in areas including American culture, written and oral presentation support, and accent modification.

* 8-week classes focused on learning strategies.

* small First Year Seminar classes designed to enrich the experience of incoming students.

* honors classes leading to Idaho's only Honors degree.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209