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Idaho State University Wordmark

The Idaho State University wordmark was created in 2004. It is the primary identifier for the University and provides a consistent way to depict the University's name on publications, brochures, and fliers.

The ISU wordmark must appear on all visual communications produced with University funds. To establish immediate and consistent recognition of Idaho State University, the ISU wordmark must appear on the front cover of every publication.

The ISU wordmark may be reproduced in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Reversed
  • ISU Orange PMS 165
  • Metallic Ink PMS 876C
  • Foil M-22

The only time the wordmark can be printed in a color other than those indicated is in a one-color piece.



Do not attempt to create the wordmark on your own. An approved image can be downloaded.


Alter the proportion or configuration Insert other colors or use more than one color Use unauthorized colors
wordmark do nots wordmark do nots wordmark do nots
Place on a background that makes it difficult to read Change font Mix with the ISU logo
wordmark do nots wordmark do nots wordmark do nots

Download an approved format


Add college, department, office name in approved style

Wordmark dos
The Seal can be combined with the Wordmark
wordmark dos
Maintain 1/8 inch of clear space around wordmark.
wordmark dos

ISU official colors

Official Colors



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