Marketing and Communications


Publications are an important part of Idaho State University?s marketing efforts. It is vital for all publications to project a positive image of the University. Publications should be of high quality, correctly display ISU identity marks, and provide a consistent look and message.

The advent of desktop publishing software has made the creation of publications very easy - which has some obvious drawbacks. A situation has been created in which those with little to no experience in design are producing printed materials. This has resulted in poorly produced materials, inconsistency in style and message, costly redesigns, and wasted employee time. Remember that countless messages from a multitude of sources are circulating throughout the marketplace. For Idaho State University to break through the clutter and make its message stick in the minds of its publics, a unified and professional image must be presented.

Several elements are available to help in the production of University publications:

  • Design Assistance
  • Design Templates
  • Official Color and Font Palettes

Are services available at ISU?

The Marketing and Communications Office and Graphic Arts in the College of Technology provide design services to Idaho State University units. Several advantages accompany the use of this service, including most importantly, design assistance from an experienced designer familiar with the ISU Graphic Identity Standards, local printing companies, reasonable printing costs and the bidding process. Use of this service will save University units money, as Marketing and Communications does not charge for its design services. Another option for design services is the College of Technology?s Graphic Arts Program, which also does not charge for design services as long as they do the printing. Campus units accustomed to producing their own materials will experience a significant savings by avoiding expensive redesign charges. For assistance, call the Marketing and Communications designer at (208) 282-2564 or the College of Technology Graphic Arts Program at (208) 282-3505.


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