Marketing and Communications

Promotion of University Events

Campus events provide an excellent opportunity to highlight the university's many positive attributes to a variety of audiences. It is common for university events to reflect a certain theme in order to create a festive and enjoyable atmosphere. Recognizing the unique circumstances of university events, the standards for event promotional materials differ from other university marketing materials.

Event organizers are welcome to divert from the standard university font and color palettes in order to create materials which adhere to event themes. There is also much more leeway in the creation of logos for event purposes. However, the formality of an event will dictate the level of adherence to graphic identity standards that is expected. University events of a formal nature, with the potential for significant political impact, require a stricter lever of adherence.

Marketing materials created to promote events must be submitted to the Marketing Materials Approval Committee and should maintain a professional look and feel. These materials are also required to exhibit ISU?s graphic identity marks.

For information on Presidential Events, visit the Special Events site


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