Marketing and Communications

Graphic Design for Website and Presentation

Whether you need posters or flyers, postcards, invitations, stickers for your light saber, booklets, newsletters, t-shirt designs, or advice on how you can promote something graphically, the Marketing and Communications Office can help.

To request a project for Joey's work schedule, please download and fill out a work request form.

What you need to do:

Plan ahead

If you are planning an event, think about the promotion and printed material (invitations, programs, etc.) that you will need in the early stages. Most general commercial printers will need 7-10 business days turn-around time. Also allow for a minimum of two weeks for design and proofing. Planning ahead removes the time crunch for designing, allowing for a more targeted, well-thought out piece. It will also help, as there are usually many other projects in progress. Finally, planning ahead can allow time for modifications to your department's Web site or to create a new one if necessary. Web sites can be much more thorough than a flyer or postcard. Contact Web Services for help.

Be complete

When you pass on the information that you want included in a piece, make sure that all information is there edited and complete. Also, please fill out a work request form.

Know your audience

Too often people think that "everyone" is a good answer for who they would like to attend their event. While optimism is good, we're not all Storm Troopers and not everyone will care about a debate arguing each side to whether or not Millennium Falcon is the fastest starship ever. Consider the audience when writing the promotional material and when distributing it. Give people a reason to come to your event, just saying that it will be happening may not be the biggest draw.

Other helpful things to consider

If you would like photos included, make sure you have high-quality versions available. If you do not have photos and it is possible, call ISU Photographic Services. They are able to take great, high-quality shots. A benefit of this is that we can also add those photos to the collection for general University promotion. And that can get your program or event a little extra promotion. Also consider having them take photos at your event, then you could have pictures for next year provided it is an annual event.

If there is a specific layout, you would like, feel free to sketch it out or to make design requests or point to designs that you like.

Yoda used a green light saber, you can go green, too. Most printers offer at least a 10% post-consumer waste paper, some offer all the way up to 100% pcw. It usually adds to the cost but it helps the environment and with your targeted information, you won't need to order as many.

What we will do:

We will do our best to create a piece that you are proud of in a timely manner, a piece with a strategy for the target audience. Once a file is approved, we transfer it to the printer and can handle any further proofing.

We can print flyers (8.5x11, 7¢) and posters (11x17, 14¢) in-house. Though it will not come off a commercial press, this can be the best option for some jobs that need 100 or fewer.

We can also help with the bidding process. For any print job over $4,000, Purchasing will need to handle it so that it is official, though.



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