User's Guide

Argos Reporting

Argos is a tool to help ISU personnel access the data they need from the Banner database. Argos produces reports based on requests for information made from end users around campus. Once a report is created, anyone with appropriate clearance can look up that report information on their own computer, any time they want.  The report is updated each night, so the information a report contains is generally accurate as of the night before. 

Access to information in Argos is set to match the security access you have in Banner.  If you have clearance in Banner to look at certain information, Argos will allow you to access that information as well.  If you do not have clearance, you won’t be able to access the information.

New Features in Argos

The Argos reporting system will be updated on Friday, August 2. This update provides a number of new features to the system. These include:

    • Terminology changes
      • QuickLaunch renamed to Shortcuts (My Shortcuts and Shared Shortcuts)
      • QuickView Report now called Dashboards
    • Running multiple reports from a single view (no next button)
      • Save and manage setting selected for parameter entry
      • Select any of the reports for execution that exist for the associated DataBlock
      • Preview the report
      • Save the report to disk
      • Save the report and open with an associated application
      • Email the report
      • Print the report
      • Print the form
    • Cubes (interactive reports)
      • Export to Excel
      • Save OLAP settings for future use
Last Modified: 08/05/13 at 03:51:54 PM