Banner/Argos Access Request (BAAR) Process
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The process outlined below is designed to define the process by which end users can request access to services in Banner (either Internet-Native Banner (INB) or Self-Service Banner (SSB)) or to Argos reports. The concept is to streamline the internal communication required to process each request.

  1. All access requests for production (BPROD) INB or Argos reports must use the BAAR (Banner Argos Access Request) online form located on the Employees tab in the Forms channel of BengalWeb.
  2. This form can be submitted by any employee of ISU. The form requires contact information about the person needing access, Dean/Director contact information, what access is needed, how that access will be used to perform job duties, and if Welcome to Banner (WTB) training has been completed.
  3. The ITS Security Analyst reviews the request for completeness, and contacts the user if additional information is needed.
  4. The ITS Security Analyst will send the Dean/Director an email via the TigerTracks website using the username provided on the BAAR form. The email contains an Approve/Disapprove link at the bottom; once the Dean/Director selects their response TigerTracks automatically updates the status of the BAAR request and the ITS Security Analyst is notified. If the access request is Disapproved, the submitter will be sent an email notice instructing them to discuss their access needs with their Supervisor and resubmit if deemed necessary. If the access request is Approved, the ITS Security Analyst will process the BAAR to the next step.
  5. The ITS Security Analyst will be responsible for determining which data custodians (Admissions, Finance, Financial Aid, HR, Student) need to review and note their recommendation for the requested access and determine if training is required. The data custodians will be sent a notification from the BAAR system. They can respond directly to the email notification with their suggested recommendations.
  6. Once the Data Custodian(s) complete their review and note their recommendation, the ITS Security Analyst will then forward the BAAR to the IT CIO to review and approve.
  7. After the review and approval, the IT CIO will then forward the request via email to the appropriate Vice President requesting the final decision.
  8. Once approvals are received and required training is complete, the user receiving access will be sent a notification with login information and a brief description of what they can now access. If a request is disapproved or only part of the request is approved, the user has the option to submit a new BAAR with additional information for further review.

Please note: These instructions, with links to the ISU Banner/Argos Access Request Form, are available from the How Do I… tab in BengalWeb or from the ERP website.

ISU Banner/Argos Request Form


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