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Minimal Template

Just the header and simplified footer. Ideal for simple designs and previously designed pages.
This footer does not stick to the bottom of the page.

To add this header and footer to an already created site, make the following additions to the code on each page of your site:

These lines must be placed immediately before the closing head tag.

	<!--#include virtual="/templates/v1/includes/head.header.shtml"--> 
	<!--#include virtual="/templates/v1/includes/head.footer.shtml"--> 


This code must immediately follow the opening body tag.

	<!--#include virtual="/templates/v1/includes/header.shtml"-->


This code must immediately preceed the closing body tag.

	<!--#include virtual="/templates/v1/includes/footer.shtml"-->

Note: These includes only function on pages with the .shtml extension. Includes will not work with .htm or .html.


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