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Bonneville High School - TECH PREP Early College Classes

(Remember - Even if you do not plan to attend ISU College of Technology, you may be able to use up to 8 professional technical college credits to fulfill academic elective requirements at I.S.U.)

Articulation Agreements

HIGH SCHOOL CLASS YOU ARE ENROLLED IN COURSE LENGTH ISU (put this class on the registration form) ISU CREDITS COST ($15/credit)
Auto Collision Repair/Refinish
Collision Repair/Refinish I
Collision Repair & Refinish II
Year ACRR 0146 Intro to Collision Repair/Refinish 8 $120.00
Collision Repair & Refinish III Year ACRR 0147 Minor Collision Repair/Refinish 8 $120.00
Child Development
Parenting & Child Development (pre-requisite for Early Childhood Professions) 1 Semester CHLD 0105 Intro to ECCE 3* $45.00
Early Childhood Professions 2 Semester
*Students may submit a record of their high school practicum hours to the Child Development Instructors for evaluation toward college practicum credits. 1-3 $15.00-$45.00
*Students may register for transcripted credits during their third trimester of Education Assistant or Child Development provided they have received minimum B grades in the prior two trimesters.

Transcripted ISU Credits may be transferred to other colleges or universities.
Please check with the receiving college to see if credits will fulfill requirements in your specific major.
Please check with your school counselor or instructor to verify the availability of these classes.

Articulation Agreements
School Year Course
2012-2013 Child Development
2012-2013 Child Development


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