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The Math Center will open for fall tutoring on Monday, September 8.

The Math Center is a free walk-in math tutoring service provided by the Student Success Center and the Mathematics Department for any registered ISU student needing help in undergraduate math courses or courses involving mathematics.

Math tutors are trained undergraduate and graduate students who will help you understand math concepts by asking questions to clarify what you know and how the concept has been taught to you. They can help you to find mistakes in your work so that you can see what you have been doing incorrectly, and they will work other examples with you and give you suggestions on how to approach the problems that you are doing.

Math tutors will not teach the course to you (this is up to your instructor) nor will they do your homework or tests for you.

To prepare for math tutoring, you should attend your classes and read your textbook. Then try the assigned homework on your own, so you can come with specific questions to ask the tutors and be ready to show them the work that you've already done. It also helps if you bring your class notes!

Fall 2014 Hours

In Pocatello: Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

In Idaho Falls (Click here for the schedule.):

The Math Center is not open during national holidays, Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, and Finals Week.


The Math Center is part of the Student Success Center. In Pocatello, it's located in REND 327 on the third floor of the Rendezvous Center, over the classrooms that face the library. In Idaho Falls, it's located in CHE 220.


Idaho Falls


(208) 282 - 3662

(208) 282 - 7925


REND 327

CHE 220

Athletes and Veterans

The Department of Athletics and the Veterans' Sanctuary encourage ISU athletes and current or former US servicemembers to apply for math tutoring using University Tutoring's standard Student Request for Tutoring form.

Contact Us

Questions or concerns? Please contact University Tutoring Director Dr. Haydie LeCorbeiller.

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