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First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar (FYS) introduces students to the vital components of university life and helps them achieve their academic and personal goals. Students in FYS learn how to meet the expectations of college, become a part of the Idaho State University community by making connections with students, staff, and faculty members alike, and are empowered to make decisions that prepare them for the rest of their lives. Students who take FYS have higher GPAs, make stronger connections, and are more likely to graduate than students who don't take FYS. Instruction teams consist of a faculty or staff member and a Peer Instructor.

FYS Peer Instructors

Peer instructors work with lead instructors in First Year Seminar, ACAD 1102. They help out new students, teaching them what they need to become more successful students.

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ACAD 1102 - First Year Seminar (1 credit)

First Year Seminar (FYS) assists students to discover how to be in charge of their own education, to embrace the meaning and value of becoming lifelong learners, and to focus on collaborative learning and active engagement.

ACAD 2220 Peer Instruction Seminar (2 credits can be repeated for up to 4 credits)

Peer Instruction Seminar assists peer instructors who will plan the syllabus and collaborate with their faculty/staff teaching partners in co-instructing one section of First Year Seminar or ACAD 1102. Students will explore their responsibilities as role models, student advisors/consultants, teachers, learners, and students. Peer Instructors take the lead role in the implementation of service-learning within their assigned ACAD 1102 section.

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