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The Content Area Tutoring (CAT) program makes free small group tutoring available at both ISU's Pocatello and Idaho Falls campuses. Tutoring is available through the CAT program in all academic areas except writing and math, which are handled through the Writing Center and Math Center respectively. Students may request a tutor for their fall classes up until 5 p.m. on November 18, 2011.

How often can I be tutored?

If the class you're being tutored in is 3 credits or more,you can have up to 3 hours of tutoring a week. Some students choose to use all the time available to them, while others are happy with one or two hours.

When and where does tutoring happen?

You, your tutor, and the rest of your group must agree on a tutoring session's time and place. All CAT tutoring must take place in approved public locations on campus; click here for the official list of possibilities. You can meet at any time that works for all of you, so long as one of these locations is available. Plan to arrive on time; the tutor will not wait longer than 15 minutes for you.

What if I need to miss a session?

You, your tutor, and your group will decide together how much notice you'll give one another before anyone cancels a session. You cannot make up a missed group session with individual tutoring. If you contact your tutor at the last minute, or if you simply fail to show up for a scheduled session, that session will count as a "no show." You can "no show" once -- life happens!--but your tutoring relationship will end if it happens a second time. If your tutoring is terminated, you are welcome to discuss any extenuating circumstances with the CAT Director.

How should I prepare for each session?

Tutors will help you with course content and study skills. They are not substitutes for missed lectures and will not do coursework for you. You should prepare for tutoring sessions just as you should prepare for class. Before meeting with any tutor, read your textbook material, study your notes and work through any assignments to the best of your ability. Tutoring may be terminated if you are habitually unprepared.

What can I expect?

You can expect to have your tutor's attention for the entire session without significant interruption; you can expect you tutor to be knowledgeable about the content area you're working on; you can expect to learn strategies for effective study and exam preparation; and you can expect to make the final decision about the work you and your tutor do in a tutoring session.

If you have any concerns about the tutoring process, please contact the CAT Director.

When does tutoring stop?

Tutoring is suspended at 5 p.m. on the Friday before Finals Week every semester. No tutoring takes place over Spring and Thanksgiving breaks.

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