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The ISU Theatre division within the ISU School of Performing Arts provides a well-rounded curriculum that is both basic and innovative. Theatrical productions range from classics to contemporary, from intimate to large-scale, and from student-directed to faculty produced. The program is structured to provide a rich mixture of academic, design, and performance courses, coupled with a broad array of electives, enabling ISU students to pursue theatre as a profession or an avocation.

Mission Statement

The mission of Theatre ISU is to help students obtain a level of achievment appropriate to entry-level professionals in their specialty areas, or to use the confidence, expressiveness, and cooperative skills gained through their theatre studies at ISU to succeed in a diverse range of non-performance related careers. Students may choose to focus on performance (acting, directing, dance, and choreography), technical theatre, dance education, or achieve an Education degree with certification to teach theatre. All Theatre ISU students are expected to gain a broad-based knowledge of all major aspects of production, and a solid grounding in the history, theory, and literature of their art.

Careers in Theatre

Many careers develop directly or indirectly from a theatre background. Some of the more widely recognized careers include acting, directing, stage management, scene, costume, and properties construction and design, theatre management and publicity, playwriting, dance, and high school and college teaching. Other careers for which theatre is an excellent background include public relations, sales, advertising, radio, and television announcing, and, many other vocations in which successful inter-personal skills are necessary. Theatre students gain discipline, confidence, and a strong sense of team-building, all key skills in today’s economy.

The Department of Theatre is a fully accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (


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Upcoming Production

A Doll's House

April 18, 19, 21, 25, & 26; 7:30pm
Black Box Theatre

Nora Helmer committed forgery years earlier in order to save the life of her husband Torvald. Now she is being blackmailed and fears what the scandal will do to her husband's career if it is revealed. But when the truth comes out, Nora is more shocked to learn where she really stands in her husband's esteem. Ibsen's play aroused great controversy during its time because of its critical attitude towards 19th century marriage norms.

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