Our Percussion Ensemble and Steel Band meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in both the Fall and Spring semesters.  A student may elect to participate in one or the other, though most majors play in both. Here’s a pic of a steel band rehearsal:

BELOW you can find the syllabus for participation in percussion ensemble and steel band, which outlines general policies and procedures:


Percussion Ensemble Syllabus 

MUSC 168-03, T / R   4 - 6:00, Band room 109
Idaho State University; sample academic year
Dr. Thom Hasenpflug, Director of Percussion 


Percussion Ensemble is a chamber music ensemble featuring works written or arranged specifically for percussion and percussion-related media. Literature will be selected and rehearsed with the ultimate goal of performance. Number of performers, amount of rehearsal time,  and technical skill required will vary depending on the selected piece. All students registered will be involved in some capacity.

Supplemental rehearsals in addition to the scheduled time may be scheduled as per student availability.


• Students must check the weekly schedule, to be posted sometime before the first weekly rehearsal on the percussion bulletin board outside of FA 108 (usually by Tuesday AM). You are responsible for knowing the schedule. Students may not be required to attend all portions of a given rehearsal, or may be involved for the whole time - It depends on the piece(s) for that day.

• Students are required to be set up by 4:00, not just walking in at that time. Downbeat is at 4:05. Plan on arriving a few minutes in advance depending on your set-up needs!

• Students will need to furnish their own sticks and mallets or arrange to borrow them.

• Students are expected to practice their parts outside of class. Individual efforts are needed for a successful performance. Failure to progress due to lack of practice may result in removal from a piece and a lowered grade. KNOW YOUR PART!

• Concert Dress is solid black.


Mandatory as per the posted schedule. There are no excused absences. Everyone depends on you, so please be here when you are scheduled.  If extenuating circumstances arise, please inform the instructor well enough in advance so that the schedule can be changed.

If a student misses a concert or final dress rehearsal, a failing grade will be given.


Never abuse equipment; always demonstrate proper care.
Lock all doors and cages and turn off lights when finished.
Put away and/or re-set equipment when finished.
No food in the practice rooms or rehearsal.
Please do bring your cell phone to rehearsal, and avoid goofing off during rehearsal. It makes me less pleasant to be around.
Be professional and prepared.


Based on attendance, improvement, and attitude, and dedication to the ensemble.

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