School of Performing Arts: Music Goranson Hall Policies

To ensure fair and equitable usage of Goranson Hall amongst Music Department Faculty and Students, the following policies have been adopted by the Music Department:

  1. Large Ensembles always have first priority in Goranson Hall. Goranson Hall should not be used or reserved by any student rehearsal when a Large Ensemble is scheduled in the Band and/or Choir Rooms

  2. Only students preparing for an upcoming recital, recital jury, or junior standing exam may reserve Goranson Hall for practice, with the exception of piano students. Pianists may reserve Goranson during the last two weeks of the semester for jury or junior standing preparation.

  3. Music Department Faculty may schedule rehearsals for themselves in Goranson Hall at any time. If a faculty member should find the need to schedule an event in Gornason Hall during a regular Large Ensemble rehearsal time, arrangements should be made in advance with the Large Ensemble Director.

  4. Music Department Faculty may reserve Goranson Hall for lessons and small ensemble coaching at any time in preparation for an upcoming performance.

  5. In exceptional circumstances, a studentıs rehearsal in Goranson Hall may be preempted for a faculty memberıs need. In such cases, arrangements should be made between the faculty member and student well in advance to allow the student ample time to make up the lost rehearsal time.